It has taken 10 years of research and tedious amounts of searching online to piece together details of over 380 former Australian Federal Police members who have passed away since 1979, to finally have them listed in one place. The AFP Former Members Association has now completed the task of creating the AFP Wall of Remembrance, and adding all the tributes to our website.

The creator of the “Wall” has been our President Mike Doroshenko, who said “it has been a labour of love for me for the last 10 years, to produce this valuable resource for our Police Veterans and the general community.”

“It is only fitting that we honour and remember our fallen colleagues who have served their community,” said Mike.

Every month we feature a list of fallen colleagues who have passed away for the month and it helps us remember those no longer with us. Our website front page automatically shows the Police Veterans who have passed away that day, so we continually honour them. It’s also easy to search if anyone has passed away, using the website’s internal search box, found at the top and bottom of the web page.

The AFP Wall of Remembrance relies on information received from various sources, including the Australian Federal Police Awards & Recognition team, who do a fabulous job when it comes to honouring our former members.

The AFP Former Members Association would also like to thank Bob Stephenson and Ian Torrance (who is an AFPFMA member) for assisting with research on this important project. It is an intensive process which needs to find the full name, date of death and then the date of birth, to confirm a person’s details. Many former members know of their colleagues that have passed away, but knowing a date of death is harder to find than you might think. Then comes details of the member’s AFP career, and other pieces of information.

“The age at time of death is an important factor in my research,” said Mike.

From the 381 entries that we have on our Wall of Remembrance, only 10% remain a mystery on their age at time of death. So the sample rate is fairly high.

At present, the average age of death of former AFP members is
62.24 years of age.

This figure includes all sworn and unsworn AFP members that we know of, who were serving the AFP at the time of death and also former AFP members who had left the job and passed away since 19 October 1979 (AFP Foundation Day). It is an incredibly sad fact that the average age of death has hovered around 62 for the last 5 years. The average age of death of female former AFP members is actually very low, and presently sitting at 54.06 years of age. However, the sample rate is very low.

It is unknown why the overall figure is so low and would be well below the national average of other employment types. Is it shift work, or the stresses of being in the Police force? Our research has not drilled down to the reason or cause of death, so more research certainly needs to be done by people more qualified.

In comparing the average age of death to other Police forces, the figures are quite interesting.

Snap shot ‎21 ‎November ‎2018.

The high age of death for Victoria reflects former members who are in the Retired Police Association of Victoria and does not include members who were serving Victoria Police at the time of death. It would appear that NSW has similar data and those in the N.T reflect the AFP former member figures.

The AFPFMA is still searching for information on some former AFP members who have passed away, and we do not have any details of date of death or their age. Please visit this link: to see who we are still missing.

If anyone has information on former AFP members who have passed away and not on our Wall of Remembrance, please contact us so we can update our records. Your help is much appreciated.

We will remember our Police Veterans.