The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has endorsed a project to document the history of AFP Uniforms and Insignia. Eric Grimm (retired AFP Superintendent and AFP Former Members Association Member) will manage the project with support and internal coordination provided by the AFP Museum.

The project aims to develop a comprehensive, researched, and referenced publication with images, details and background of AFP Uniform and Insignia from AFP foundation (19 October 1979) to the present, with a commitment to publishing of future addendums.

The project will consult with various stakeholders including the AFPFMA and the Former Members Network Facebook Group during research and validation of information.

At this stage the scope of the project includes uniforms, badges, patches, hats/caps and rank insignia. Social items will likely also be within scope of the project, along with PPE (Clothing including vests and jackets). Other items such as corporate branding items, challenge coins and ‘fantasy’ items may be developed as a separate addendum, perhaps at a later stage.

The document will include items from ACT Policing, International Operations (including United Nations and other missions), Protection Operations (AFP Protective Service and VIPP Protection), Specialist areas, state offices, ceremonial uniform, unsworn uniform and others. It will include descriptions and details of items and where possible a narrative or story of their use and media or journal articles (in part or referenced).


How can AFPFMA members assist?

  • Email with images, descriptions and any background of the uniform or insignia item and stories which can be used in the narrative of the publication.
  • Loan items which may be more difficult to photograph, so I can organise for their professional photography.
  • Provide responses to questions posed on the AFPFMA and AFPFMN Facebook groups.
  • Send links to media, articles or posts which would be of interest for use in the publication.

To maintain consistency of images, good quality (300 dpi+) colour scans of insignia (whether on or off uniform) and high-resolution photographs of uniforms / hats / caps with a neutral (white preferred) background. Guidance can be provided prior to photography if required.

It is hoped that AFPFMA members with an interest in AFP items will assist with validation of the information collected to ensure items are accurately categorised and described (i.e. official, social, fantasy, era, areas used, etc.).

The AFP Executive have indicated the importance of collection, research and preservation of the AFP’s history and have acknowledged the valuable contribution former and retired members and other organisations can provide to ensuring this occurs, so I encourage you to support this project. Credit will be provided to members for their contribution where requested.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please email