AFP Former Members who have passed away since 1979. We say goodbye to those members who have served, and we say thank you for your service. R.I.P. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends, both blood and blue.

September Tributes

01-09-2018Died on this dayDouglas George SHEA aged 86
04-09-2017Died on this dayJay Alan PATTERSON aged 44
07-09-2017Died on this dayWilliam Paul JAMESON aged 73
08-09-2014Died on this dayFrederick Anthony HULSON aged 70
09-09-2017Died on this dayMaxwell James THOMPSON aged 81
10-09-2001Died on this dayRobert George GLOVER aged 53
10-09-2018Died on this dayRobert James CASKIE aged 53
12-09-1988Died on this dayMaxwell Wilson PAHL aged 55
12-09-2009Died on this dayLionel John CLAYDON aged 70
12-09-2013Died on this dayTerrence Gerard McNAMARA aged 64
12-09-2018Died on this dayWarren Royce MARSON aged 75
13-09-2009Died on this dayGregory Robert SLATER aged 47
13-09-2013Died on this dayStanley Thomas WOODS aged 78
13-09-2014Died on this dayEben James JEFFORD aged 44
13-09-2019Died on this dayDavid Richard BOSTON aged 55
14-09-2010Died on this dayJason Andrew MAHONEY      43
14-09-2018Died on this dayFrank "Nobby" Stanley CLARK aged 80
15-09-2010Died on this dayMark Raymond JOHNSEN aged 44
16-09-2017Died on this dayAndre Joerg LENZ aged 54
20-09-2011Died on this dayPeter ROBERTS
20-09-2015Died on this dayJohn Jothan Sau FAUPULA aged 57
22-09-2017Died on this dayVal McCONAGHY aged 89
24-09-2010Died on this dayBarry ABBOTT
25-09-2018Died on this dayTherese Christine ‘Terri’ CUBITT aged 67
26-09-2018Died on this dayJames John TIERNEY aged 64
27-09-2000Died on this dayHenry Edwin SARGENT aged 62
27-09-2015Died on this dayAnthony Thomas CHURCHILL aged 81
28-09-1994Died on this dayNicholas John MASTERS
28-09-2018Died on this dayGeyel Mitchell Mason 'Mitch' ANDERSON aged 63
29-09-2007Died on this dayGraham John KIRKLAND aged 48
30-09-2019Died on this dayLeighton Howard (Lee) JONES

In Memoriam

4 September 2017 – Jay Alan Patterson – Retired Senior Constable
Passed away aged 44. Mr Patterson joined the Australian Federal Police on 14 August 2006. Mr Patterson served most of his career in Canberra as a general duties member at Belconnen Station. Mr Patterson separated from the Australian Federal Police on 12 April 2013 at the rank of Senior Constable.

7 September 2017 – William Paul JAMESON – Retired Senior Constable
Passed away aged 73. Mr Jameson began his policing career on 13 January 1969, joining the Commonwealth Police and transitioning to the Australian Federal Police in 1979. After an extensive career, Mr Jameson retired from the Australian Federal Police at the rank of Senior Constable on 30 September 1987.
For his service Mr Jameson was awarded the National Medal.

8 September 2014 – Frederick Anthony Hulson – Retired Senior Sergeant
Passed away aged 70 in New Zealand. Mr Hulson began his policing career with Commonwealth Police on 19 May 1975, moving to the AFP with the amalgamation in 1979. Mr Hulson was deployed to various teams throughout his career including the Airport, Cyprus (22nd and 27th contingents), and Intelligence, within Southern Region. Mr Hulson retired on 11 April 1990.

9 September 2017 – Maxwell James Thompson – Retired Senior Constable
Passed away aged 81. Mr Thompson joined the Commonwealth Police on 1 May 1961 and worked in a number of locations including the Maralinga Test Facility, Woomera SA as well as the Weapons Research Facility, Salisbury SA before transitioning to the AFP in 1979. Mr Thompson retired from the AFP in 1984 whilst stationed at the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap. Prior to Joining the Commonwealth Police, Mr Thompson had served with the Royal Australian Air Force.

10 September 2001 – Robert George GLOVER
Passed away aged 53, after having a brain tumour diagnosed while he was still working out of Brisbane Office. His nick name was “Toad”. Late of Narangha, QLD

10 September 2018 – Robert James Caskie
Passed away aged 53. Mr Caskie joined the Australian Federal Police on 24 July 1989, after graduating from Recruit Training in November 1989, Mr Caskie was stationed in the ACT working in Belconnen General Duties, Juvenile Aid Bureau and the Community Relations Team. In 1999 Mr Caskie transferred to Perth and was promoted to Sergeant in 2003. In 2007 Mr Caskie returned to Canberra and later that year moved from a being a Sworn member to a Professional member to pursue a more varied AFP career. Mr Caskie worked in several business areas at AFP Headquarters including Protection and Human Resources. At the time of his passing Mr Caskie was the Team Leader of Honours & Awards at AFP Headquarters in Canberra. For his service, Mr Caskie was awarded the:

  •  National Police Service Medal
  •  National Medal
  •  Commissioners Group Citation for Conspicuous Service
  •  Australian Federal Police Service Medal (with 25yr Clasp)

Devoted husband of Jacqueline. Caring father of Joel, Emma and Lauren. Loving son of Jim and Patricia. Adored brother of Alison and Christine.

12 September 1988 – Maxwell Wilson Pahl – Senior Constable
Max was attached to Special Projects, Canberra and passed away aged 55 while on recreational leave in South Australia.

12 September 2013 – Terrence Gerard McNamara – Retired Detective Sergeant
Passed away aged 64. Terry served in the Sydney Office with the AFP until October 1995, when he resigned.

12 September 2018 – Warren Royce MARSON – Retired Sergeant
Passed away aged 75. Mr Marson joined the Commonwealth Police on 4 January 1974 and transitioned to the Australian Federal Police on Foundation Day. Mr Marson worked mainly in Eastern Region General Operations. Mr Marson retired from the Australian Federal Police on 23 December 1986. For his service, Mr Marson is awarded

  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • AFP Service Medal.

13 September 2009 – Gregory Robert Slater
Passed away aged 47. Greg joined the AFP in Oct 1981 in Sydney and was posted to Lucas heights. Greg spent a lot of time in search and rescue before moving to emergency services. He had a heart attack while riding his bicycle. A gentleman and very well respected.

13 September 2013 – Stanley Thomas Woods – Retired Detective Senior Sergeant
Passed away aged 78. Stan began his career in 1964 with the Commonwealth Police and carried through to serve with the AFP until 1992, when he retired.

13 September 2014 – Eben James Jefford
Passed away aged 44 in Queensland. In 2007, Mr Jefford commenced with the AFP Operational Response Group – Logistics Team, Brisbane Office, where he was based for 5 years, prior to taking a redundancy in 2012, when SRG amalgamated. Mr Jefford also worked with the Queensland Ambulance Service and the Australian Defence Force.

13 September 2019 – David Richard BOSTON – Retired Leading Senior Constable
Passed away aged 55. Mr Boston passed away on 13 September aged 55 years. Mr Boston joined the Australian Federal Police in January 1987. During his AFP career, Mr Boston worked in various roles across ACT Policing, including general duties, Communications , Watch House and Judicial Operations. Mr Boston was also deployed internationally to Cyprus, East Timor and Solomon Islands IPMT. Mr Boston resigned from the AFP in January 2019. For his service, Mr Boston was awarded the:

  • Group Bravery Citation
  • Police Overseas Service Medal
  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • United Nations Medal
  • Australian Federal Police Service Medal
  • ACT Community Policing Medal

14 September 2018 – Frank Stanley Clark – Retired Senior Constable
Passed away aged 80. Mr Clark joined the Commonwealth Police on 12 December 1968 and transitioned into the Australian Federal Police on Foundation Day. Mr Clark worked in the Investigations Department Intelligence Division with Bureau of Crime and Intelligence, ACT General Duties City Station and Legal Branch. Mr Clark retired from the Australian Federal Police at the rank of Senior Constable on 21 June 1993. For his service Mr Clark was awarded the:

  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal with a 25 year clasp

15 September 2010 – Mark Raymond JOHNSEN
Passed away aged 44 years at Canberra, formerly of Sydney. He was a lovely bloke with a great sense of humour – something he never lost right up to the end of his life. He was born in 1966 and sadly passed away after a battle with cancer. Sentiments from Bob Stephenson.

16 September 2017 – Andre Joerg LENZ – Retired Leading Senior Constable
Passed away aged 54. Mr Lenz joined the Australian Federal Police on 9 February 1987 and spent his early career in Sydney and Newcastle. Over the course of his career Mr Lenz served in a variety of locations including Darwin and Brisbane. Mr Lenz deployed to Bali for Operation Alliance and to East Timor in 2003. Mr Lenz retired from the Australian Federal Police at the rank of Leading Senior Constable in July 2014. For his service Mr Lenz was awarded the

  • Police Overseas Service Medal,
  • National Police Service Medal,
  • National Medal (25 year clasp),
  • United Nations Medal,
  • Australian Federal Police Service Medal (25 year clasp),
  • AFP Operations Medal
  • Commissioners Group Citation for Conspicuous Conduct.

(Words from his family). Andre was excited to leave the Gold Coast hospital today and appears to have had a sudden accidental fall in the early hours of this morning. Andre was a friend to us all who lived a life of service with the Royal Australian Air Force and the Australian Federal Police; his service filled with compassion, friendliness, joy and dignity. We mourn, yet celebrate the life of a wonderful friend, brother and human being.

22 September 2017 – Val McConaghy – Retired Assistant Commissioner
Mr McConaghy passed away aged 89 years. Raised in Canberra, he joined the NSW Police Force on 14 July 1947. On 9 September 1949 he joined the ACT Police and rose to the rank of Superintendent. With the formation of the Australian Federal Police in 1979, he was promoted to Chief Superintendent in charge of the CID (South Eastern NSW and the ACT) Division and then became OIC of Eastern Region. Mr McConaghy returned to Canberra in 1980, firstly as acting Assistant Commissioner in charge of Operations which included the ACT, and then promoted permanently in April 1982.
He retired in 1988 having been awarded the Queen’s Police Medal, the Queen’s Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and the National Medal.

25 September 2018 – Therese Christine CUBITT
Passed away aged 67. Mrs CUBITT joined the Australian Federal Police on 16 August 2004. Mrs CUBITT worked in National Procurements, National Fleet and AFP Operations Communication Centre in the Australian Capital Territory. Mrs CUBITT retired from the Australian Federal Police on 18 January 2017. For her service, Mrs CUBITT was awarded the Australian Federal Police Service Medal.

26 September 2018 – James John TIERNEY
Passed away aged 64 in a motorcycle accident while in U.S.A. Jim served in Eastern Region and ACT Comms.

27 September 2015 – Anthony Thomas CHURCHILL – Retired Sergeant
Passed away aged 81. Sergeant Churchill was a former police officer with Portsmouth Police (UK) from 1964 to 1967. He migrated to Australia in 1968 and joined the Commonwealth Police (COMPOL) in that year. During his COMPOL service, he served as a police liaison officer in Poland from 1976 to 1978; moving into the AFP on its creation in 1979. Sergeant Churchill’s AFP postings included Transport, Communications, Personnel & Services, Uniform Duties Sydney Region, Employee Relations, and two years as Staff Officer to Assistant Commissioner McCabe. He retired on 2 December 1989.

28 September 2018 – Geyel Mitchell Mason ‘Mitch’ ANDERSON
Passed away aged 63. Mr Anderson joined the Australian Federal Police on 9 May 2005. Mr Anderson worked mainly as a trainer and in logistics fleet management roles with the International Deployment Group, and overseas including Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Timor-Leste Police Development Program (TLPDP), Regional Assistance Mission in Solomon Islands (RAMSI) and Christmas Island. He was deployed to the Queensland floods in Toowoomba and to Christmas Island on many occasions for Operation CHIRON, Operation CALDER and to Darwin for Operation DUVAL. Mr Anderson left the Australian Federal Police on 4 July 2014. For his service, Mr Anderson was awarded the:

  • Police Overseas Service Medal (RAMSI)
  • National Emergency Medal – Queensland Flood and Cyclone
  • Defence Force Service Medal
  • Australian Defence Force Medal
  • Timor-Leste Solidarity Medal
  • Commissioners Group Citation Conspicuous Conduct with OP PALLARENDA Clasp
  • AFP Operations Medal with Operation PLEACH and Operation CROWEA Clasps
  • Australian Federal Police Service Medal
  • 2010-2011 Queensland Flood and Cyclone Citation

29 September 2007 – Graham John Kirkland – Det.S/Constable
Kirko – died aged 48 years. Wife – Angela D’Arcy, daughter – Sally Bulkeley, son – Det.SC Joshua Kirkland. Four grandchildren.
Work: Started at age 19 in NSW Corrections as a prison officer Goulburn Gaol and Cooma Gaol. NSW Corrections 1978 – 1986. Joined AFP from 1990 – 2006 finishing as Detective Sergeant. Worked Tuggeranong GD’s, Woden GD’s, TIG Drug Squad (Redgum was his favourite time), PRS, Transnational Crime.
Awards: National Police Service Medal, ACT Policing 10 year service medal, Australian Police games gold medal in 10km.
Personal Details: Family is happy for anyone to add any memories or perspective of Graham. Truly driven by community Policing. He showed great empathy towards victims and a hardness towards criminals which was bred by the prison system. ACT Policing colleagues were a family to him and he embraced and thrived in the culture and people. His two loves were running and drinking – famously shocked other runners by lighting up a cigarette and drinking a can of beer at the finish line of a fun run at 9am. Of note it bought Graham great happiness when Joshua graduated and joined GD’s at Tuggeranong towards the end of his illness.


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