AFP Former Members who have passed away since 1979. We say goodbye to those members who have served, and we say thank you for your service. R.I.P. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends, both blood and blue.

October Tributes

01-10-2014Died on this dayGary Francis O'NEILL  61
01-10-2017Died on this dayPaul Alexander McEWAN aged 60
02-10-2019Died on this dayJohn Edward SCANLAN aged 77
03-10-1984Died on this dayGregory David MOORE aged 21
03-10-2019Died on this dayGarry Wayne BAKER aged 69
04-10-2014Died on this dayDon HALMARICK aged 76
05-10-2007Died on this dayRoss Gantlett CRAFTER    63
05-10-2016Died on this dayChris Antony “Digger” DORMAN aged 51
09-10-2006Died on this dayMichael Peter BARNES aged 32
10-10-2016Died on this dayDean Andrew SCHULTZ aged 49
12-10-2002Died on this dayDarren TROY      32
12-10-2016Died on this dayLary William RINGERING aged 76
13-10-1986Died on this dayRobert Francis MACKAY aged 18
14-10-2018Died on this dayRaymond Andre ELLIS aged 77
17-10-2015Died on this dayWilliam Leslie ANTILL aged 75
18-10-2003Died on this dayMichael Edward KERRIGAN aged 86
18-10-2015Died on this dayRobert Bernard YOUNG aged 62
18-10-2016Died on this dayChristopher John BIRD aged 43
19-10-1979MilestoneFormation of the Australian Federal Police
19-10-2004Died on this dayWilliam SAWLEY     58
22-10-2018Died on this dayWilliam ‘Bill’ Noel O’KEEFE   63
22-10-2019Died on this dayAngela Vera BROWN aged 78
24-10-2005Died on this dayMalcolm James MACKENZIE aged 43
24-10-2018Died on this dayMichael John MOORE aged 79
26-10-2017Died on this dayClive Leslie STACE aged 64
27-10-1983Died on this dayMichael Ian HARRISON aged 20
28-10-2015Died on this dayDavid John YOUNG aged 47
28-10-2018Died on this dayRichard Paul ROBERTS aged 57
29-10-2018Died on this dayRoy FARMER aged 86
29-10-2019Died on this dayRussell Joseph PERKINS aged 68

In Memoriam

1 October 2017 – Paul Alexander MCEWAN BM
Passed away aged 60. After a period in the Australian Army, Mr McEwan joined the Australian Federal Police on 25 October 1982. He began his career in Southern Region, before transitioning to ACT Policing in 1984. During his time in the ACT Mr McEwan worked in Traffic Branch and Rescue Squad as well as community policing. He moved to Eastern region in 1995 and transitioned to Close Personal Protection in 1998. Over his significant career Mr McEwan deployed offshore 11 times to missions including Cyprus, Cambodia, Mozambique, Haiti, East Timor, the Solomon Islands, Sudan and Papua New Guinea. For his service Leading Senior Constable McEwan was awarded:

  • the Bravery Medal,
  • Group Bravery Citation,
  • Police Overseas Service Medal,
  • National Police Service Medal,
  • National Medal,
  • AFP Operations Medal,
  • AFP Service Medal and
  • the Timor-Leste Solidarity Medal.

2 October 2019 – John Edward SCANLAN – Retired Sergeant
Passed away aged 77. Mr Scanlan joined the Australian Capital Territory Police in February 1969 and transitioned to the AFP on its creation in 1979. During his policing career, Mr Scanlan worked in various roles in the ACT, including General Duties, Planning and Research, Recruitment and Training Branch, Traffic Branch and Embassies. Mr Scanlan retired from the AFP in the early 1990s.

3 October 1984 – Gregory David MOORE – Constable
Passed away aged 21. Killed in an off duty car accident. Late of the ACT.

3 October 2019 – Garry Wayne Baker – Retired Sergeant
Garry Baker passed away aged 69 years. Mr Baker commenced with ACT Policing in August 1976, before transitioning across to the Australian Federal Police on 19 October 1979. Mr Baker initially worked in general duties roles across ACT Policing. After his successful proposal to introduce a Police Dog Unit was implemented, Mr Baker was appointed as OIC of the new unit. Mr Baker remained with the Dog Unit, where he was the senior explosives dog handler, until his retirement in July 2005. For his service, Mr Baker was awarded the:

  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • Australian Federal Police Service Medal

4 October 2014 – Don Halmarick
Passed away aged 76. Don was a former AFP and ACT Police member who began his career with ACT Police in 1962 and transitioned to the AFP on its formation in 1979. He remained in ACT Policing until transferring to Sydney in 1981 reaching the rank of Station Sergeant before early retirement in 1990.

5 October 2016 – Christopher Antony “Digger” Dorman – Sergeant
Passed away aged 51. Christopher commenced with Victoria Police in 1985 working at a variety of inner suburban uniform stations and CIU’s as well as the Tactical Response Squad and Homicide Squad attaining the rank of Detective Senior Sergeant. In 2008 he left Victoria Police and joined the Australian Federal Police. During his time with the AFP, Sergeant Dorman served in the International Deployment Group in Timor Leste and Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) as well as to Op Universus (Christmas Island). Upon his return to Melbourne, Sergeant Dorman worked in the Trade Union Royal Commission Taskforce Heracles, Crime Operations and the Joint Counter Terrorism Team.

9 October 2006 – Michael Peter Barnes
From the Sydney office, RAMSI 1 and then SRG. Joined 6 March 2000. Died of leukaemia 9 October 2006 aged 32.

10 October 2016 – Dean Andrew Schultz
Passed away aged 49. Mr Schultz joined the AFP on 3 February 1986 and obtained the rank of Constable before resigning on 26 November 1986.

12 October 2016 – Lary William Ringering – Retired Senior Constable
Passed away aged 76. Mr Ringering joined the Commonwealth Police on 24 September 1979 and transitioned to the AFP on 19 October 1979 working in a variety of areas including ACT Policing, Rural Patrol, Crime Prevention and ACT Policing Olympic Planning Team. Mr Ringering retired from the AFP on 29 February 2008. Prior to his service in the AFP Mr Ringering served for 11 years with the Illinois Police Department. For his service he was awarded

  • the National Police Service Medal,
  • National Medal,
  • ACT Emergency Medal,
  • ACT Community Policing Medal and
  • the AFP Service Medal.

13 October 1986 – Robert Francis MACKAY Constable
Passed away aged 18. Accidentally shot and killed with his own service revolver.

14 October 2018 – Raymond Andre ELLIS – Retired Senior Sergeant
Passed away aged 77. Mr ELLIS passed away on 14 October 2018 aged 77years. Mr ELLIS joined the Australian Federal Police in November 1979 when the Federal Bureau of Narcotics transferred into the newly founded AFP. Mr ELLIS worked in Intelligence and Drug Operations in Sydney until his transfer to Intelligence and Drug Operations in Melbourne in 1987. Mr ELLIS departed the Australian Federal Police on 27 September 1991. For his service, Mr ELLIS was awarded the Australian Federal Police Service Medal.

17 October 2015 – William Leslie ANTILL – Retired Assistant Commissioner
Passed away aged 75. Assistant Commissioner Antill joined the ACT Police on 22 September 1960 and rose to the rank of Superintendent. He continued his service into the AFP on its formation in 1979 and was appointed as a Chief Superintendent. He was instrumental in shaping many of the initiatives that would bring the AFP to life. He was a foundation Commissioned Officer of the AFP, and the seventh commissioned officer appointed. Assistant Commissioner Antill’s ACT Police postings included general policing and traffic duties; Senior Police Prosecutor; Officer-in-Charge (O/C) Traffic; O/C Legal; O/C Canberra City Division; and O/C Management Services. In 1978 he was seconded to the task force that established the AFP. With the AFP he served as O/C Manpower Control and Development; Assistant Commissioner Personnel Department; O/C Eastern Region (NSW); O/C Northern Region (QLD & NT). In January 1986 he was appointed to the Directing Staff, Police Staff College, Bramshill, United Kingdom, as Assistant Director of Senior Command Courses. After several years he returned to Australia to serve as O/C Internal Investigations Division before retiring, after a second tour of duty as O/C Northern Region (QLD & NT), on 31 October 1995. In recognition of his policing service, Assistant Commissioner Antill was awarded

  • the Australian Police Medal,
  • Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal, and
  • National Medal with Second Clasp.

18 October 2003 – Michael Edward Kerrigan
Mick died aged 67 years, late of late of Elizabeth Henry House B&B and Catering Co. Tarlee SA and formerly of Queensland He began his policing career with Queensland Police. He transferred laterally to the AFP in the 1980s and worked in Melbourne and Canberra. Mick – as he preferred to be known – always looked after his troops well, particularly when he took over ACT INtell. He was a regular at the Barton College where he enjoyed the camaraderie in the bar and earned the nickname ‘Kegs’. Both a gentleman and a scholar, Mick retired from the AFP in 1997 and moved to South Australia where he ran a bed and breakfast with a reputation for fine food and wines – his other passions in life. (Sentiments from Bob Stephenson).

18 October 2015 – Robert Bernard YOUNG – Retired Sergeant
Passed away aged 62. Sergeant Young joined the A.C.T. Police on 23 April 1979. He was sworn in as an AFP member on 19 October 1979. During his career he worked in a variety of investigative areas in Eastern Region and AFP Headquarters. In 2004 he deployed to Thailand for Operation CAWDOR. On his retirement in March 2008 Sgt Young was based in People Smuggling. Sergeant Young was laid to rest at Bribie Island Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Woorim, Bribie Island, Queensland. For his service Sergeant Young was awarded

  • the National Medal with clasp ,
  • ACT Emergency Medal,
  • AFP Service Medal with 25 year clasp and
  • the AFP Operations Medal (Op CAWDOR).

18 October 2016 – Christopher John BIRD – Sergeant
Passed away aged 43. Chris passed away after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Sergeant Bird commenced with the AFP in May 1991 as an unsworn member before completing recruit training in 1997 and transitioning to sworn Policing. Sergeant Bird worked in a number of areas of the AFP including Federal operations, International Deployment Group, ACT Communications and every ACT Policing Station.

22 October 2018 – William Noel ‘Bill’ O’KEEFE (Retired) Detective Leading Senior Constable
Bill passed away in Queanbeyan NSW on 22 October 2018 aged 63 years. Mr O’KEEFE was recruited into the Australian Federal in January 1984. Mr O’KEEFE commenced his career at the Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence followed by long and distinguished career in ACT Policing. He was deployed to the United Nations in Cyprus (63rd Contingent) and the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI). Mr O’KEEFE retired from the AFP on 17 August 2016.

For his service to the AFP, Mr O’KEEFE was awarded:
• Police Overseas Service Medal (CYPRUS & RAMSI clasps)
• National Police Service Medal
• National Medal (35 year Clasp)
• United Nations Medal – CYPRUS
• ACT Community Policing Medal, and Australian Federal Police Service Medal (30 year Clasps)

22 October 2019 – Angela Vera Brown – Retired Senior Constable
Ms Brown passed away aged 78 years. Ms Brown commenced with ACT Policing in August 1976, before transitioning across to the Australian Federal Police on 19 October 1979. Ms Brown worked in general duties roles in ACT Policing, primarily in City and Belconnen Police Stations. Ms Brown established the Training Office of the City Branch and was recommended for a Commissioner’s Commendation for First Constable for her dedication and enthusiasm in this role. Ms Brown retired from the AFP on 21 June 1990. For her service, Ms Brown will be posthumously awarded the:

• Australian Federal Police Service Medal

24 October 2005 – Malcolm James MACKENZIE – Senior Constable
Passed away aged 43. Mal served the AFP in general duties at Belconnen ACT. He transferred to Qld. Police where Senior Constable MacKenzie died in a two-vehicle accident in Yeppoon – Rockhampton Road, Mulara. Senior Constable MacKenzie was driving to work at the North Rockhampton Police Station. It is believed that the other vehicle veered on the wrong side of the road causing the accident. RIP Mal, you are missed by all your mates at Belconnen.

24 October 2018 – Michael John MOORE – Retired Federal Agent
Passed away aged 79. Mr Moore joined the Commonwealth Police on 5 January 1970 and transitioned to the AFP on its formation in 1979. He worked in Jakarta and Belgrade prior to his extensive career in the VIPP / Close Personal Protection areas for the most of his career. Mr Moore retired 24 February 1999. For his service, Mr Moore was awarded the:

  • National Medal
  • National Police Service Medal
  • AFP Service medal

26 October 2017 – Clive Leslie STACE – Retired Inspector
Passed away aged 64. After a period in the Australian Navy, Mr Stace joined the Australian Protective Service on 11 June 1986. He spent his career at a number of different protection establishments across the ACT, rising to the rank of Inspector before transitioning to the Australian Federal Police in 2004. Mr Stace retired from the AFP at the rank of Inspector in July 2008. For his service Mr Stace was awarded

  • the National Medal, and
  • the AFP Service Medal.

27 October 1983 – Michael Ian HARRISON – Constable
Passed away aged 20. He joined the Australian Federal Police on 12 October 1981. Initially posted to Southern Region, after completing his basic training, Michael performed a variety of uniform duties in Melbourne until he was transferred to Eastern Region in May 1982. In Sydney, he again served in various uniform roles before being attached to the Document Examination Bureau where he was working to the time of his death.

28 October 2015 – David John YOUNG
Passed away aged 47. Mr Young commenced with the AFP on 29 January 2008 and separated from the AFP on 3 April 2014. Mr Young was a Psychologist posted to the IDG and Wellbeing Services. In recognition of his service he was awarded

  • the Police Overseas Service Medal with Regional Assistance Mission,
  • Solomon Island (RAMSI) Clasp and
  • the New Zealand Canterbury Earthquake Citation.

28 October 2018 – Richard Paul ROBERTS – Superintendent
Protective Service Superintendent ROBERTS passed away at AFP HQ, BARTON ACT aged 57 years. Superintendent Roberts joined the AFP on 30 June 1980 and resigned in August 1981. Superintendent Roberts then re-joined the AFP in September 1983. Mr Robert’s long and distinguished AFP and Protective Service career included work in Canberra Operations, APS National Training Centre and Woomera. He was promoted to Protective Service Superintendent on 3 June 1999 and continued with Australian Protective Services within the Aviation portfolio. In 2004 after the reintegration of the APS into the AFP, Superintendent Roberts continued his career in Aviation Strategic Operations and more recently with Chief Finance Office as Coordinator Business Services. For his service to the AFP, Superintendent ROBERTS was awarded:

  • National Medal
  • Australian Federal Police Service Medal with 35 Year Clasp

29 October 2018 – Roy FARMER – Retired Assistant Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Roy Farmer died of Heart attack aged 86. Mr Farmer joined the NSW Police Force in 1950, serving in many divisions before transferring to plain clothes duties. In 1959 he was awarded the Peter Mitchell Trophy as dux detective. Mr Farmer served two tours with the Australian Police with the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Cyprus in 1967/8 and again in 1972/3. Appointed to the Commonwealth Police Force, Central Crime Intelligence Bureau as a Sergeant in 1969, Mr Farmer was promoted to Inspector. OIC Plainclothes Branch, in 1972. Promoted to Chief Superintendent. OIC NSW District, in 1975, Mr Farmer was transferred to the Australian Police College at Manly as its Principal in 1977. In 1978, he was appointed Acting Commissioner (Crime Intelligence) prior to being seconded to the AFP Task Force, then to the AFP Planning Staff in September 1979. AFP DC Operations 1985-1991. Mr Farmer was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in 1977 and holds the Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Mr Farmer was a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and was a Consultant to the Australian Law Reform Commission on Criminal Investigation Bill. DC Farmer left the AFP 3 July 1991. Married with three daughters, Mr Farmer was a gardening enthusiast and an ardent follower of the Sydney Rugby League competition.

29 October 2019 – Russell Joseph Perkins – Retired Senior Constable
Russell passed away on 29 October aged 68 years. Mr Perkins joined the Australian Capital Territory Police on 3 June 1974 and became a member of the AFP on Foundation Day in 1979. He spent his career in the ACT in various areas including General Duties and CIB. Mr Perkins retired from the AFP on 19 July 1983.


  1. Robyn Perkins

    Sorry but you have not added any commentary for Russell Perkins. I know he was the last to die in this month so don’t want his commentary to be forgotten. He will not be.

    • AFPFMA

      Hi Robyn
      Russell will never be forgotten. We are just about to upload his service history, and we will forward tributes to you personally.

      • Robyn Perkins

        Thank you. I have gained enormous comfort from the Police family over the last tri weeks. It is good that the families are thought about as we grieve


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