AFP Former Members who have passed away since 1979. We say goodbye to those members who have served, and we say thank you for your service. R.I.P. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends, both blood and blue.

November Tributes

01-11-1999Died on this dayRichard William KARLING
01-11-2000Died on this dayWayne Edward CLARKE  58
01-11-2007Died on this dayMartin RYAN      39
01-11-2017Died on this dayChris Frederick CAMPBELL-THOMSON    85
02-11-2015Died on this dayGuy Clifford SLATER
02-11-2016Died on this dayPeter Kirk FENTON    70
04-11-1982Died on this dayDavid Kenneth PUGH
04-11-2017Died on this dayMalcolm SCOTT  59
06-11-2013Died on this dayKaren Ann BUDNICK
08-11-2016Died on this dayAnthony (Tony) Herbert LAWLER  75
09-11-2018Died on this dayBrian Kenneth BAGGOTT    80
10-11-1999Died on this dayBarry YOUNG
12-11-2017Died on this daySylvester Patrick KENNEDY   77
13-11-2015Died on this dayDonald Gordon HARRIS 90
14-11-1995Died on this dayCommissioner Peter McAulay     63
15-11-2006Died on this dayAndrea STONE
15-11-2016Died on this dayEdwin “Frank” HARLOVICH   75
18-11-2018Died on this dayAllan COCKROFT      91
18-11-2018Died on this dayCarolyn Jane MOSS         41
19-11-2013Died on this dayDavid James O'DONOHUE     33
19-11-2015Died on this dayDr Brian Michael DWYER    86
20-11-1992Died on this dayDennis Barry HARRIS
22-11-2017Died on this dayAlex Robert BUNT     82
24-11-2014Died on this dayMervyn William HOURN  67
26-11-2017Died on this dayRonald Frederick BURRELL

In Memoriam


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