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AFP Former Members who have passed away since 1979. We say goodbye to those members who have served, and we say thank you for your service. R.I.P. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends, both blood and blue.

June Tributes

01-06-2018Died on this dayCelestine Anne O’CONNOR aged 65
03-06-2018Died on this dayDavid Peter WHEATMAN aged 60
04-06-2017Died on this dayGrant Frederick GREEN aged 53
05-06-2016Died on this dayAdam Christopher ELLISON aged 37
05-06-2018Died on this dayRodney Peter WEST aged 59
09-06-2010Died on this dayJacques Henri ROUSSETY aged 60
10-06-1996Died on this dayJohn Andrew TRAVERS aged 62
17-06-2011Died on this dayBetty June STIRTON aged 82
18-06-1980Died on this dayAmbross William DAVIS aged 52
18-06-2015Died on this dayKenneth Arthur DOWELL      84
18-06-2019Died on this dayAlan Geoffrey DE ZILVA aged 64
19-06-1991Died on this dayNeville James WILSON aged 26
19-06-2006Died on this dayKeith Edgar STRICKLAND aged 79
19-06-2020Died on this dayWilliam Oliver "Bill" GRIFFITHS aged 86
20-06-2013Died on this dayNeil PARKER
20-06-2019Died on this dayJudith Anne KENDRICK aged 66
23-06-2011Died on this dayWilliam David WILSON aged 71
23-06-2011Died on this dayRobert James (Bob) TILBROOK aged 77
23-06-2020Died on this dayRobert Henry "Doc" GILLESPIE aged 87
24-06-1995Died on this dayPeter Rodney IRRGANG aged 46
24-06-2016Died on this dayJohn Alec BRUCE aged 82
24-06-2016Died on this dayJohn Paul "Dougie" DOUGAN aged 49
24-06-2019Died on this dayNorman MASON aged 91
26-06-1997Died on this dayArthur Vernon William GREEN aged 73
26-06-2016Died on this dayDennis WITT aged 68
27-06-2010Died on this dayLawrence Felix Archibald D'EKENAIKE aged 67
27-06-2011Died on this dayWilliam (Bill) Leslie HADDEN aged 63
27-06-2020Died on this dayIan Martin QUIRK aged 50
28-06-2009Died on this dayBarry Desmond GANDER
28-06-2010Died on this dayChristian Guy STEBBING 37
29-06-2009Died on this dayAdam Paul MICHALOWSKI    36
29-06-2011Died on this dayGeoffrey Paul COLLINS  63
29-06-2019Died on this dayCatherine Julie BOYCE aged 53

In Memoriam

1 June 2018 – Celestine Anne O’CONNOR – AFP8595
Ms O’CONNOR was born on 10 January 1953 and passed away on 1 June 2018 aged 65 years. Ms O’CONNOR joined the Australian Federal Police on 17 July 1989, initially as a temporary employee working in the Training Division, Weston College. Ms O’CONNOR was subsequently offered permanent appointment to the AFP on 17 April 1990 in the Library Services Section. Ms O’CONNOR remained with the AFP Library until her retirement on 19 April 2010. For her service Ms O’Connor was awarded the Australian Federal Police Service Medal.

3 June 2018 – David Peter WHEATMAN – Retired PSO – AFP13268
David passed away aged 60 years. Mr WHEATMAN joined the Australian Protective Service on 3 October 1995 and then transitioned to the Australian Federal Police in 2004. He retired from the Australian Federal Police in May 2018 whilst stationed in Perth. During his career Mr WHEATMAN undertook duties in NSW, Woomera , Nauru and the Solomon Islands.
For his service Mr WHEATMAN was awarded the National Medal, AFP Service Medal and the Police Overseas Service Medal.

4 June 2017 – Grant Frederick GREEN – AFP7147
Mr GREEN passed aged 53 years. Mr GREEN joined the Australian Federal Police on 29 March 1982. He held a number of administrative rolls across the organisation before resigning in September 2000. After recommencing with the AFP in the ACT in November 2002. Mr GREEN predominantly worked in IDG including deploying to Papua New Guinea, East Timor and the Solomon Islands. He eventually moved to Queensland with the organisation where he worked until he passed away.
For his service Mr GREEN was awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal (Timor Leste and RAMSI clasps), AFP Operations Medal (Serene and Crowea clasps), AFP Service Medal (with 30 year clasp) and the Queensland Flood and Cyclone Citation.

5 June 2016 – Adam Christopher ELLISON – Former Constable – AFP19617
Adam was born on 3 February 1979 and died aged 37 years in a tragic accident during flooding on the Murrumbidgee River near Canberra. Adam joined the AFP on the 14th of April 2009 and on the completion of his Recruit Course was posted to Tuggeranong Station and later transferred to Judicial Operations at City Station. Adam resigned from the AFP the 3rd of June 2015.

5 June 2018 – Rodney Peter WEST – Retired Detective Sergeant – AFP2504
Rod was born on 19 July 1959 and passed away aged 58 years. Originally recruited to the Commonwealth Police in early 1979, Mr WEST became a member of the AFP on its formation later in that year and was assigned to ACT Policing. His career involved a wide range of community policing duties including CIB, IID and City Patrol among others. He achieved his Detective designation in 1986 and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in August 1987. In 1994 he served in the 41st Contingent to Cyprus and in January of 1995 returned to duties in ACT Policing remaining there until his retirement in May 1997.
For his service Mr WEST has been awarded the National Medal, the National Police Service Medal and the Police Overseas Service Medal (Cyprus).

9 June 2010 – Jacques Henri ROUSSETY – Retired Senior Constable – AFP2338
Jacques was born on 13 March 1959 and died at Noranda, WA, aged 60 years. He worked mainly in Western Region and served overseas in Haiti and East Timor. For his service he was awarded

  • National Medal – 11NOV1992
  • Police Overseas Service Medal – Clasp HAITI – 11MAY1995
  • National Medal – 1st Clasp – 30JUN2000
  • Police Overseas Service Medal – Clasp EAST TIMOR – 27FEB2001

10 June 1996 – John Andrew TRAVERS – Retired Superintendent – AFP2637
John was born on 4 May 1934 and died from cancer aged 62. John worked for the NSW Police Force, Australian Customs and the Narcotics Bureau. On 24 June 1980, he was among 80 former members of the Narcotic Bureau who became members of the AFP. John was appointed to the rank of Superintendent. For his service he was awarded the National Medal.

17 June 2011 – Betty June STIRTON – Retired Detective Sergeant – AFP400
Betty (aka Bette) was born on 30 June 1929 and died aged 82 years. Betty joined the Commonwealth Police on 15 August 1960, making her the first female to serve in the Commonwealth Police Force. An article in the Sun Herald in 1976 on her promotion to Sergeant read in part: “The plain–clothes Commonwealth Police squad at Sydney’s international airport has a new boss one who likes wearing the latest fashion clothes. Sergeant Sturton [sic] took up her new position this week after 12 months as Commonwealth Police head of general crime squad in Sydney. Sergeant Sturton’s major task is to stop criminals leaving the country and to catch drug offenders when they try to come in.” Betty retired from the AFP aged 65 on 30 June 1986, residing at Caringbah until that time.

18 June 1980 – Ambross William Ernest DAVIS – Senior Constable – AFP1411
Ambross was born at Rosewater, SA, on 22 October 1927 and died after suffering a heart attack shortly after arriving for duty at the Lodge in Canberra. He was accorded a full Police funeral which was attended by members of bis family from South Australia, Sir Colin WOODS and a large number of officers and members with whom Ambross had worked during his years of service. Ambross joined the former Commonwealth Police in 1982 after serving 12 years with the Royal Australian Navy. He spent all his police career in the Australian Capital Territory. Although a quiet man. Ambross was popular and greatly respected by those who worked with him and his passing caused much sadness to members of our Force. For his service he was awarded the National Medal.

18 June 2019 – Alan Geoffrey Anton De ZILVA
Alan was born in Penang, Malaysia on 17 May 1955 and passed away aged 64 years.  He migrated to Australia and commenced with the AFP in July 1985, working in Internal Auditing until his departure in June 1986.

19 June 1991 – Neville James WILSON – Constable – AFP3802
Neville died at Mt Lawley, WA, aged 26 years. He served in Western Region.

19 June 2006 – Keith Edgar William ‘Stricko’ STRICKLAND – Chief Inspector – AFP68
Keith was born at Homebush, NSW on 1 August 1926 and died aged 79 years.  Prior to joining the Commonwealth Police, he was a cabinet maker by trade. He transitioned to the AFP on Foundation Day in 1979. In 1983 ‘Stricko’ was the OIC at Sydney Airport, when on his way home he stopped at one of his haunts for a beer and suffered a major stroke and he was medically retired shortly thereafter.

20 June 2019 – Judith Anne KENDRICK – AFP19078
Ms KENDRICK was born on 21 November 1952 and passed away aged 66 years. Ms KENDRICK joined the Australian Protective Service in March 2002 as Manager Human Resources until departing in October 2003. Ms KENDRICK then commenced with the AFP in May 2008 performing a number of Managerial roles including IDG Corporate support, HR Strategy , Director of Corporate Services for ACT Policing and Manager Aviation Support before leaving the AFP in May 2013.

23 June 2011 – Robert James (Bob) TILBROOK – Retired Senior Sergeant – AFP250
Bob was born on 28 December 1933 and died at Karrinyup, WA, aged 77 years.  He served in Western Region and for his service he was awarded the National Medal on 08 NOV 1977.

23 June 2011 – William David WILSON – Retired Station Sergeant – AFP261
“David” as he was known was born on 30 December 1940 and passed away aged 71. He joined the ACT Police on 7 August 1964 and transitioned to the AFP on Foundation Day in 1979. David served in the ACT and retired from the AFP on 26 December 1988. For his service he was awarded the National Medal and the Australian Police Medal on the 26 January 1988.

23 June 2020 – Robert Henry GILLESPIE OAM QPM – Retired Commander AFP25

Bob “Doc” GILLESPIE was born 26 March 1933. He was AFPFMA member #151. Doc went into hospital and was operated on 1 June 2020 for a tumor on the brain however he remained in a coma since the operation and passed away aged 87 years. Doc led a distinguished career in both the Queensland Police Force and then the Commonwealth/Australian Federal Police. He was sworn in as A Queensland Police Officer in 1952. He was stationed at Richmond and Oxley in Uniform after which he was transferred to the Brisbane CIB and then to Toowoomba CIB as Detective Senior Constable. In May 1964 he was selected to be part of the 1st UNFICYP Contingent to Cyprus for a year. On his return he was promoted to Detective Sergeant and selected to form the first Traffic Investigation Squad. In 1973 he resigned and was appointed a Detective Chief Inspector with the Commonwealth Police and and became a member of the Australian Federal Police on Foundation Day in 1979. During his AFP career, Mr Gillespie worked in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Mr Gillespie retired from the AFP in December 1989 as the Commander, Northern Region. For police his service, Mr Gillespie was awarded:

  • Queen’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service
  • Police Overseas Service Medal
  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
  • Queen’s Commendation for Service
  • three Queensland Police Commissioner’s Commendations
  • two Prime Minister’s Commendations for Efficiency
  • Australian Federal Police Service Medal
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24 June 1995 – Peter Rodney IRRGANG – Retired Sergeant – AFP922
Peter was born on 16 December 1948 and died aged 46 years. He worked in the ACT and for his service Peter was awarded the National Medal on 11 November 1992.

24 June 2016 – John Alec BRUCE – Retired Detective Sergeant – AFP515
John was born in Doncaster, England on 14 December 1933, and passed away in Taree aged 82 years. Detective Sergeant BRUCE joined the Commonwealth Police in 1971, after Emigrating from the United Kingdom where he had previously worked in the Royal Navy for 12 years followed by 7 years in the Hampshire and then Sheffield Police.  John worked in Eastern Region and In 1979 he transitioned to the Australian Federal Police. In 1989 he retired from the AFP Surveillance Branch, Sydney Office. In recognition of his service he was awarded the National Medal.

24 June 2016 – John Paul (Dougie) DOUGAN – Retired Detective Sergeant – AFP5079
Dougie succumbed to a long term illness in hospital in Phayao, Thailand, he was 49. Dougie was born in Newtonards, Northern Ireland, into a family of four boys. He grew up in Bangor, Northern Ireland, before migrating to Australia in the mid-1980s. After leaving school, he worked at the St George Rowing Club before joining the AFP around 1990, commencing service in Investigations in Sydney. In the mid-1990s, Dougie transferred to ACT Policing. He was a mentor and role model to many in General Duties Policing and Investigations. He received a Commissioner’s Group Citation for Conspicuous Conduct for a murder investigation. The family of the victim publicly praised Dougie for his professionalism and kindness, which they described as being above and beyond the call of duty. He served in East Timor with the United Nations, where he acted as Chief of the National Investigations Division, receiving high praise from the incumbent of that position for his service.

24 June 2019 – Norman MASON – Retired Detective Senior Sergeant – AFP217
Norm was born on 1 May 1928 and died at McCracken Views, SA, aged 91 years. He joined the Commonwealth Police in S.A. on 25/05/1967, and was designated a Detective in 1975. He transitioned to the AFP in 1979 and became OIC Special Intelligence in Adelaide Office. Norm retired from the AFP on 29/09/1987. Norman had a very interesting work history which saw him serve in the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom, before commencing his policing career in the Metropolitan Police in London, then in Northern Rhodesia and finally in the Commonwealth Police (Now AFP) in South Australia, where he made his home. In Northern Rhodesia, Norman rose to the rank of Detective Senior Inspector, where he joined the IPA in 1962. Norman had a long involvement in IPA and joined SA Region as an associate member on 1 October 1966. Of particular note is that Norman was awarded Honorary Life Membership (HLM) of the Australian Section at the National Executive Committee meeting in South Australia on 16/10/1993. For his service he was awarded the National Medal on 12/07/1988.

26 June 1997 – Arthur Vernon William GREEN – Retired Inspector – AFP185
Arthur was born in England on 19 December 1924 and died at Balcatta, WA, aged 73 years. He migrated to Australia in 1970.  He joined the Commonwealth Police Force serving in Western Region and transitioned to the AFP on Foundation Day in 1979.

26 June 2016 – Dennis John WITT – Retired Detective Superintendent – AFP825
Dennis was born on 27 September 1948 and passed away aged 68 years. Detective Superintendent WITT joined the Commonwealth Police on 26 June 1972 commencing his career with the organisation as a Duty Driver in Canberra. In 1974 he transferred to Queensland and over the next 7 years was promoted to Senior Constable, completed his Investigators training and was designated a Detective. In 1979 he transitioned to the AFP. He remained in Queensland for the rest of his career performing a range of duties including those at Brisbane Airport, as a Police Prosecutor and Investigator in Organised Crime. Detective Superintendent Dennis WITT was awarded the National Medal and retired from his role as Manager, Cairns Office on 22 December 1995. Detective Superintendent WITT separated from the AFP on 8 March 1996.

27 June 2010 – Lawrence Felix Archibald D’ORTA EKENAIKE aka D’EKENAIKE – Retired Sergeant – AFP1420
Lawrence was born on 8 March 1943 and passed away aged 67 years. He worked in Brisbane in the late 1970’s early 1980’s and for his service he was award the National Medal on 7 June 1991.

27 June 2011 – William (Bill) Leslie HADDEN – Retired Sergeant – AFP1454
Bill was born on 5 February 1948 and passed away aged 62. He spent 9 years in the RAN between 1965 and 1974 before joining the Commonwealth Police and working in the Melbourne Office. He transitioned to the AFP on Foundation Day in 1979 and went to Cyprus as a member of the 49th Contingent (July 1996 – February 1997). He returned to Melbourne and in 1999 he went to East Timor. Bill retired from the AFP in 2006 and for his service he was awarded:

  • National Medal
  • National Medal – 1st Clasp
  • National Medal – 2nd Clasp
  • Police Overseas Service Medal – Clasp CYPRUS
  • Police Overseas Service Medal – Clasp EAST TIMOR

27 June 2020 – Ian Martin Quirk – Detective Superintendent  – AFP5091
Detective Superintendent Quirk lost his brave and very courageous battle with Pancreatic Cancer and passed away aged 50 years. Our thoughts go to his wife Denise and his children Kristen and Xavier at this sad time. May he rest in peace. Detective Superintendent Quirk joined the Australian Federal Police in October 1990. During his AFP career, he worked in ACT Policing, National Operations in Darwin and Sydney, and International Operations in Beirut, Jakarta and Belgrade. Detective Superintendent Quirk deployed to Cyprus as part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force on two occasions, initially in 1999. In 2002, he deployed to Bali and Jakarta as part of Operation Alliance, the AFP’s response to the 2002 Bali Bombings. In 2018, Detective Superintendent Quirk was awarded the Medal for Strengthening International Police Cooperation by the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation for assistance with the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. For his service, Detective Superintendent Quirk was awarded the

  • Police Overseas Service Medal
  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • United Nations Medal
  • Commissioner’s Group Citation for Conspicuous Conduct
  • Commissioner’s Group Citation for Excellence in Overseas Service
  • AFP Operations Medal
  • ACT Emergency Medal
  • Australian Federal Police Service Medal

29 June 2019 – Catherine Julie BOYCE – Detective Leading Senior Constable – AFP10630
Catherine was born on 30 October 1965 and passed away 53 years. She joined the Australian Federal Police on 17 April 2000 and commenced her career in Melbourne. Catherine transferred to ACT Policing , Belconnen Patrol in November 2001 and then to the Adult Sexual Assault unit in October 2006. She was promoted in May 2007 to Senior Constable. On 15 December 2008 she received her Detective designation. In January 2011 she transferred to the ACT Coroner’s Office and during this time was promoted to Leading Senior Constable. D/LSC BOYCE deployed to Ukraine in 2018 as part of Operation AREW. On her passing she was attached to the ACT Crash Investigation Team. For her service D/LSC BOYCE was awarded the following:

  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • Commissioner’s Commendation for Conspicuous Conduct
  • AFP Operation Medal with Operation AREW clasp
  • Australian Federal Police Service Medal
  • ACT Community Policing Medal ACT Emergency Medal


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