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AFP Former Members who have passed away since 1979. We say goodbye to those members who have served, and we say thank you for your service. R.I.P. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends, both blood and blue.

July Tributes

01-07-2000Died on this dayDanny PUGH
01-07-2008Died on this dayKendelle Meredith CLARK aged 36
01-07-2013Died on this dayJohn (Jack) Alec DAVIS aged 82
02-07-2010Died on this dayClarence (Clarry) Henry KITE aged 86
02-07-2019Died on this dayDominic Francis COLEMAN aged 52
03-07-1998Died on this dayRichard Gordon ALLATSON
03-07-2011Died on this dayTerrance David WRIGHT aged 73
04-07-2017Died on this dayBrett Robert POOLE aged 53
05-07-2007Died on this dayJohn Gerhardt Van Der VLIET
05-07-2013Died on this dayNorman James DORRINGTON aged 62
06-07-2008Died on this dayDr Donald Abercrombie SMYTH aged 85
06-07-2018Died on this dayBrian Malcolm JOHNSON aged 81
07-07-2014Died on this dayMichael Walter COYLE
08-07-1997Died on this dayKenneth Ernest CURNOW aged 64
09-07-2009Died on this dayBrent Edward ALDRIDGE aged 57
10-07-2018Died on this dayAndrew Graeme BRYCE aged 53
15-07-2007Died on this dayColin Reginald FRY aged 47
15-07-2011Died on this dayRaymond Norman WHYTE aged 68
15-07-2018Died on this dayJoe Grace Martin aged 59
16-07-2007Died on this dayGavin PERKINS aged 45
17-07-2015Died on this dayJohn Stanley WARD
17-07-2017Died on this dayJohn Leonard COURT aged 80
18-07-2019Died on this dayIan Kent WEBBER
19-07-2011Died on this dayKevin Leonard SMITH aged 65
21-07-1993Died on this dayJan DeJAGER aged 48
22-07-2014Died on this dayBarrie John Brown AM aged 77
22-07-2017Died on this dayDonald Andrew MCLEOD aged 62
23-07-2010Died on this dayAnastatia LYONS
23-07-2018Died on this dayLinda Luisa RICCIARDI aged 50
24-07-1987Died on this dayFreddy Johannes BOUMAN aged 44
25-07-2013Died on this dayNeville "Taffy" WILLIAMS
27-07-2011Died on this dayRoss Alan O’CONNOR, OAM aged 60
28-07-2005Died on this dayPhillip Lester COTTER      56
28-07-2016Died on this dayKevin Robert WISE           75
28-07-2018Died on this dayPatrick Raymond HARRIS aged 57
29-07-2009Died on this daySusan PRICE        52
30-07-2015Died on this daySally Moira THISTLEWAITE      59

In Memoriam

1 July 2000 – Danny Pugh
Worked in Close Protection Branch. Passed away on 1st July 2000 (late of Narrabundah in the ACT).

1 July 2008 – Kendelle Meredith CLARK
Kendelle Meredith CLARK late of Mornington, Victoria, died aged 36 years from cancer. Did some great work with Op Alliance and in Timor, also worked in Jakarta.

1 July 2013 – John (Jack) Alec Davis – Retired Chief Inspector
Died aged 82. Jack’s early policing career was in the United Kingdom. In 1967 he joined the Commonwealth Police seeing service at various times in South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Jack was stationed in Woomera, SA, at the introduction of the AFP in 1979 and soon moved to Brisbane Airport and Brisbane Headquarters retiring in 1985 at the rank of Chief Inspector.

2 July 2010 – Clarence (Clarry) Henry Kite
Died aged 86. Adored husband of Kathleen. Much loved father and father-in-law of Stephen and Fiona, Ann, Dennis, Judy and Paul. Cherished Pop to Lisa, Charlie, Daniel, James, Michelle, Angela, Rhys, Cheynne, Laura and Shawnee. (Great) Pop to Kathleen, Brian, Lilly, Brianna, Jasmine, Abby, Cameron and Ruan.

2 July 2019 – Dominic Francis COLEMAN – Federal Agent
Federal Agent Dominic COLEMAN, passed away on 2 July 2019 aged 52 years. F/A Coleman joined the Australian Federal Police in February 2002 as a Protective Service Officer. After completing the Air Security Officer (ASO) Program in May 2002 he was deployed to Melbourne Airport. F/A Coleman was deployed to the Solomon Islands, and also completed a 6 month deployment at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. In May 2013 he completed the Project Macer Transition Program, becoming a sworn Police Officer and was deployed to general duties Melbourne Airport . In January 2014 F/A Coleman was transferred to the ASO program in Melbourne. For his service F/A Coleman was awarded the:

  • Police Overseas Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • AFP Operations Medal
  • Australian Federal Police Service Medal
  • Commissioner’s Group Citation for Conspicuous Conduct.

3 July 1998 – Richard Gordon ALLATSON – Detective Chief Supt.
Dick Allatson served in many positions throughout the AFP. Cypress and many other postings, he was known as the Velvet Sledge Hammer by those at Special Projects. One of the best.

5 July 2013 – Norman James Dorrington
Mr Dorrington died aged 62. He retired from AOCC in AFP Headquarters having worked with the AFP since 2001. Mr Dorrington received his AFP Service Medal in May 2012.

4 July 2017 – Brett Robert POOLE
Mr Poole passed away aged 53 years. Mr Poole joined the Australian Federal Police on 14 March 1983. Mr Poole began his career spending a short period in the Australian Protective Service before transferring to general duties in June 1984. Over the course of his career Mr Poole spent time in a number of different areas including general duties, diplomatic and security and as a dog handler, as well as being deployed to Cyprus. Mr Poole separated from the Australian Federal Police on 1 July 1995 to join Queensland Police. Mr Poole later re-joined the AFP on a short term contract and deploying to the Solomon Islands in 2007/08. For his service Mr Poole was awarded the

  • Police Overseas Service Medal with Cyprus and RAMSI clasps
  • National Medal

6 July 2008 – Dr Donald Abercrombie SMYTH – Retired Commonwealth Medical Officer
Doc SMYTH was the ACT Police Medical Officer and a true gentleman with many hidden depths. He had been an RAAF fighter pilot in New Guinea during WWII. After returning to Australia he took up the option of a university education and qualified as a GP at Sydney University, before moving to the ACT to take up a post as Police Medical Officer with the ACT Police. Rarely seen without his pipe, he could always be counted upon for sage advice – whether it be to an injured Police officer or an offender in the Watch-house.

How many of us sat through one of his legendary ‘stress’ lectures at the AFP College? Dr SMYTH was always a practical man who got the job done. This was clearly evidenced by his willingness to “jump the box” and give expert medical testimony in Court. After retirement Dr SMYTH moved to Moruya on the NSW south coast and lived there until he passed away at the age of 85 years on the 6th of July 2008.

6 July 2018 – Brian Malcolm Johnson – Detective Station Sergeant
Brian passed away aged 81 years. Originally recruited to the Commonwealth Police on 22 Oct 1973, Mr Johnson became a member of the AFP on its formation in 1979 where he was assigned to Eastern Region. During his service, his career involved a wide range of Investigation and intelligence duties including a period in Darwin 1980-1983, returning to Eastern Region Sydney – Investigations in 1983 remaining there until his retirement on 3 July 1992. He achieved his detective designation on 11 February 1982 and was promoted to the rank of Station Sergeant on 27 January 1986.

8 July 1997 – Kenneth Ernest CURNOW – Retired Detective Superintendent
Ken served in Eastern and Northern Regions and died at Robina, QLD, aged 64 years. For his service he was awarded the National Medal on 02 NOV 1988.

9 July 2009 – Brent Edward Aldridge
Brent Edward Aldridge was born at Mount Pleasant, South Australia and died in SA aged 57. In 1975 Brent joined the Commonwealth Police force. In 1983 he was sent to Cyprus with the United Nations Australian Police contingent. In February 2001 he joined the United Nations force for East Timor. Brent speaks of his service in Cyprus and East Timor; his motivation for participating in peace keeping missions, and he reflects on the impact these experiences had on his life. View the document: click here.

10 July 2018 – Andrew Graeme Bryce – Constable (Retired)
Passed away aged 53 from his 10 month battle with Leukaemia. Andy worked in the Target Development Branch out of the Melbourne Office in the early 90’s.

15 July 2011 – Raymond Norman WHYTE
Raymond passed away aged 68 after a long illness. He is survived by his wife Muriel and loving family. He joined the Commonwealth Police on the 27 April 1972 and retired from the AFP on 23 May 1990.

15 July 2018 – Colin Reginald FRY – Superintendent
Colin Reginald FRY died of a heart attack aged 47, not long after being promoted to Superintendent in High Tech Crime Canberra. Had been working previously in Brisbane office.

16 July 2007 – Gavin Perkins
Gavin Perkins was an unsworn member who worked and died at Brisbane Office around July 2007. He was a really nice guy who worked really hard to support Ops members. His death was during the Hanif investigation.

15 July 2018 – Mrs Joe Grace Martin
Mrs Martin passed away on Sunday the 15 July 2018 aged 58 years. Mrs Martin joined the AFP on the 28 February 2005. Mrs Martin undertook a variety of roles during her time in Payroll, as well as specialised roles in projects relating to superannuation and automating payroll processes. Mrs Martin also worked in the Compensation Project Team and most recently on the Talent Management Project. For her service Mrs Martin was awarded the Australian Federal Police Service Medal.

17 July 2017 – John Leonard COURT – Detective Senior Sergeant (Retired)
Mr Court passed away aged 80 years. Mr Court began his policing career on 7 June 1957. After an extensive career Mr Court retired from the Australian Federal Police at the rank of Detective Senior Sergeant on 6 November 1981. Courtie was at the time the youngest Sergeant in the Commonwealth Police and worked in Eastern Region, Norfolk Island and later in Newcastle also instrumental in the opening of an office in Tamworth. Many members would also remember him from the old Airport days where he arranged Rugby League Games against the City Office but more importantly was the game of Compol versus the Qantas Hosties, an annual charity match. After resigning from the Australian Federal Police in Newcastle he took up the role in Charge of Security at BHP.
For his service Mr Court was awarded the National Medal.

19 July 2011 – Kevin Leonard SMITH – Sergeant
Kevin passed away aged 65 after a long illness. Kevin joined on 05 February 1973 and retired from the AFP on 02 February 2006, working in many areas such as General Duties, Traffic, Professional Standards and two deployments to Cyprus. He is survived by his wife Jacqui, son Robert, daughters Leanne, Georgina, Jo and loving family.

21 July 1993 – Jan DeJager
Jan joined the ACT Police in 1967 after seeing a recruiting add showing a Police boat on the lake. He loved his boats and joined the Water Police. He transitioned to the AFP in 1979, then Jan transferred to Cairns, sadly Jan was diagnosed with cancer which took his life within months of the diagnosis, aged 48.

22 July 2014 – Barrie John Brown AM – Detective Superintendent (Retd)
Mr Brown began his policing career in 1961 with the New South Wales Police Force, prior to joining the Commonwealth Police in 1969 and then the AFP in 1979. He had a varied career, particularly concentrating on the VIPP and International Teams, before retiring in 1996 from the Telephone Intercept Branch, Canberra. Mr Brown was awarded the National Medal and 1st Clasp and on 26 January 1982, was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia, in recognition of his service to the AFP.

23 July 2010 – Anastatia LYONS
Worked in Jakarta died of cancer.

23 July 2017 – Donald Andrew “Sam” MCLEOD – Detective Constable (Retired)
Mr McLeod passed away aged 61 years. Mr McLeod joined the Australian Federal Police on 6 August 1984. Mr McLeod spent the entirety of his career in Southern Region across a number of different roles including Melbourne Airport and in the Regional Intelligence Section as well as the Drug and Fraud squads. Mr McLeod retired from the Australian Federal Police at the rank of Detective Constable on 1 July 1998.

23 July 2018 – Linda Luisa RICCIARDI
Linda passed away aged 50 years. Linda joined the AFP on the 10 September 1990 and departed on 30 August 2008. She worked in Interpol Admin Branch and Personnel Movement Unit, the Budget & Finance Team, the General Services Team, Resource Monitoring Support and Human Resources.
For her service Linda was awarded the Australian Federal Police Service Medal.

24 July 1987 – Freddy Johannes BOUMAN – Senior Constable

click to enlarge We were saddened to hear of the sudden and accidental death of Senior Constable Freddy Bouman of the ACT Command as a result of a pedestrian accident near his home in Mawson on July 24. He is survived by his wife, Kathryn and sons Mark, 17, and Philip, 10. Senior Constable Bouman was born in Holland in 1949 and came to Australia in 1960 and lived in Adelaide. He worked in the Highways Department of South Australia for 13 years before joining the Australian Federal Police in November 1980. He worked in a number of protective service places and in 1981 completed the bomb search course where he did exceptionally well and gained 99 per cent in the theory examination.
In General Policing 2/84 he became dux of the course and impressed the instructors with his policing skills which suggested he had potential in any area of the AFP. He then worked in the Warrants and Process Section, Tuggeranong Police Station, Diplomatic and Consular Security and the ACT Fraud Squad. At the time of his death he had applied to undertake the Basic Investigations Course and had applied for family compassionate reasons to transfer to Central Region. He was accorded a full police funeral at the Norwood Park Crematorium at Mitchell in Canberra on Wednesday 29 July attended by more than 200 family, friends and colleagues including Commissioner Grey.

25 July 2013 – Neville “Taffy” Williams
Taffy” Williams was the Police Motorcycle Mechanic at Weston from 1980 – 1998. He passed away after a long illness – Remembered for his happy nature and a great mate.

27 July 2011 – Ross Alan O’CONNOR OAM – Retired Senior Constable
Mr O’CONNOR, OAM, died in WA at the age of 60 years. Ross O’CONNOR, JP, was awarded the Order of Australia Medal on 26JAN2010, for service to veterans and their families through the WA Branch of the RSL of Australia.

28 July 2018 – Patrick Harris
Mr Harris passed away aged 57 years. Mr Harris joined the AFP on 16 March 1989 and retired on 8 June 2017. Mr Harris undertook a variety of roles during his career with the AFP including Team Leader in the Weston Mailroom and Registry, Team leader Commercial Support – Purchasing transitioning from in house to commercial arrangements, then Coordinator National Procurement and Contracts managing outsourced contracts, Coordinator Building and Accommodation, Coordinator National Procurement and Contracts including the developing and managing commercial arrangements uniforms, fleet, corporate credit card and had a key role in establishing the current AFP Headquarters – Edmund Barton Building.

For his service Mr Harris was awarded the:
• Australian Federal Police Service Medal with 25 year clasp
• Commissioners Commendation for Conspicuous Conduct
• Commissioner’s Group Citation for Conspicuous Conduct


  1. Peter White

    A dedication for Brett Robert Poole:

    The ‘screaming eagle’ on the Harley is quiet, the tools have been placed back in their place, his ‘man-shed’ is in darkness: the silence from his palliative care ward was momentarily deafening. Could one hear the trumpets as he transitioned to a new dimension – not quite: Echoing in the distance was a well-tuned Harley engine, sitting at idle, with its distinct cadence, it’s uneven, syncopated rhythm. The idle increased in revolutions until it transitioned, with him, to their new dimension. It was a different type of trumpeting, but trumpeting no less.

    In his final days there was a distinct twitch in his right wrist – metaphorically, it was a signal that he, not the dreaded disease, maintained control: he was riding the throttle. The cadence of any ‘American Twin’ engine increases as one opens the throttle with their right wrist. In the end he would have lifted his head, winked his eye and with a smile ‘to die for’, gracefully departed this dimension. No heart beat, just that syncopated rhythm. Brett Robert Poole rode into transition.

    Don’t be mistaken, he lives on in this life through his lovely wife Diana; their two boys and partner’s Joshua and Arianna; and Liam and Magdalena (and of course Brett and Diana’s ‘adopted son’, Andrew and his partner, Erryn); and their grandchildren, Dani and Deklen (and their mother, Kirsty). He survives his father, Bob; his mother, Jan; his siblings Kim and Donna; his adopted sibling/cousin, Rodney; and his mother-in-law, Lia.

    He will live on through the memories shared with all that he touched in his short, 53 years. He cannot and will not be forgotten. Perfect: no. Like all men, he made mistakes along the way. Unlike a lot of men, he acknowledged and addressed those mistakes. Brett’s life, not unlike that beautiful Harley sound, had a distinct cadence, an uneven syncopated rhythm – he turned heads, he stood out from the crowd.

    Rest in Peace, Brother.

    Personal Observation: Brett honoured me with being his Best-Man at his Wedding. Diana and Brett honoured Catherine and I to be God-Parents to their first-borne, Josh Poole. Brett honoured me by asking me to share his ‘last shift’ with him – RIP Mate.

    Peter White.

    • AFPFMA

      A beautiful tribute Peter, well done. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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