AFP Former Members who have passed away since 1979. We say goodbye to those members who have served, and we say thank you for your service. R.I.P. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends, both blood and blue.

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February Tributes

02-02-2019Died on this daySara Elizabeth PARGA aged 48
03-02-2020Died on this dayEric Anthony "Tony" ELFORD aged 79
04-02-2019Died on this dayRyan Matthew DELANEY aged 49
04-02-2020Died on this dayRonald Augustine "Jethro" CAMERON aged 82
04-02-2022Died on this dayWilliam James EMMITT aged 59
06-02-2017Died on this daySusanne Elise Jones (nee GOTTSCHALK) aged 53
07-02-2014Died on this dayBrian Richard Sharwood aged 68
07-02-2020Died on this dayBrian BRADLEY aged 84
07-02-2022Died on this dayJennifer Kay LLOYD aged 78
07-02-2022Died on this dayNicole Marie VAN LENT aged 33
08-02-2016Died on this dayJames (Jim) Hugh COCKBURN aged 67
08-02-2017Died on this dayTrevor Morris Moore aged 64
08-02-2021Died on this dayTrevor Ernest JOHNSON aged 80
10-02-2019Died on this dayVincent (Vinnie) Douglas MAWSON aged 75
12-02-2017Died on this dayJanelle May ARVISAIS aged 36
12-02-2018Died on this dayFranklyn Earl RASMUSSEN aged 93
12-02-2018Died on this dayKeith Lorne INNES aged 76
13-02-1986Died on this dayPaul Gerard QUINANE aged 27
14-02-2001Died on this dayJulie Rose GILTRAP (nee BURNS) aged 53
14-02-2012Died on this dayBrett James KINLOCH aged 48
15-02-2007Died on this dayLeslie James MCPHERSON aged 56
15-02-2012Died on this dayJohn Straskye OAM aged 62
15-02-2016Died on this daySamuel "Smurf" Murray Ford JOHNS aged 66
15-02-2017Died on this dayMichael John FORTEY aged 79
16-02-2010Died on this dayPatrick (Pat) John Dominic FEGAN aged 69
16-02-2017Died on this dayEric Boyd REABURN aged 50
17-02-2017Died on this dayNorma Lillian THOMAS aged 72
18-02-2004Died on this dayGeorge Davidson aged 68
18-02-2019Died on this dayMark PHELAN aged 57
19-02-2009Died on this dayHelen (Prawn) Anne Davey aged 53
20-02-2020Died on this dayDarryl Colin HUPPATZ aged 62
21-02-2014Died on this dayPeter Christopher O'BRIEN aged 73
21-02-2021Died on this dayPeter Maclean BAKER aged 53
22-02-2004Died on this dayDerek (Charlie) Charles WORSFOLD aged 64
22-02-2008Died on this dayRobert Frederick HUCKEL aged 69
22-02-2019Died on this dayWilliam Vinsen Reid FRETWELL aged 80
22-02-2020Died on this dayDarryl Sydney HAMILTON aged 66
22-02-2020Died on this dayOskar Joseph HUBER aged 69
23-02-2021Died on this dayRaymond Eric NICHOLSON aged 74
27-02-2016Died on this dayJulian Garnet MANNING aged 75
28-02-2012Died on this dayWayne "Robbo" Leslie Robinson aged 62

In Memoriam

2 February 2019 – Sara Elizabeth PARGA – AFP22784
Mrs PARGA was born on 17 October 1970 and passed away aged 48 years. Mrs PARGA joined the Australian Federal Police on 20 November 2017 as a Senior Litigation Lawyer working in the Brisbane office. Prior to her employment with the AFP Mrs PARGA worked as a Lawyer for several high profile law firms in Queensland.

3 February 2020 – Eric Anthony “Tony” ELFORD – Retired AFP580
Passed away suddenly aged 79 Years. Cherished husband of Kay for 51 years, Beloved Father & Father-in-Law of Mandy & Peter and Jason & Sandy, Adored Pa-Tone of Kyle, Mitchel & Kayli. Interment at Mt Gravatt Cemetery in Queensland.

4 February 2019 – Ryan Matthew DELANEY – AFP12407
Mr DELANEY was born on 9 February 1969 and passed away aged 49 years. Mr DELANEY joined the Australian Federal Police on 13 March 2004 as Coordinator, Shared Services. On 24 September 2008 he then transferred to the role of Coordinator, Operational Budgets and Reports. Mr DELANEY separated from the Australian Federal Police on 26 October 2010 to take up a position with the Commonwealth Department of Health.

4 February 2020 – Ronald Augustine “Jethro” CAMERON – Retired Senior Sergeant – AFP157
Mr CAMERON was born on 26 June 1937 and passed away aged 82 years. Mr CAMERON joined the ACT Police on 2 May 1964 and transitioned to the Australian Federal Police on Foundation Day. During his AFP career, Mr CAMERON worked in ACT Policing and support roles. For his service, Mr CAMERON was awarded the

  • National Medal
  • National Police Service Medal

4 February 2022 – William James EMMITT – Retired Senior Constable AFP13560
Mr EMMITT was born 4 February 1963 and passed away aged 59 years. During his AFP career, Mr EMMITT worked at Cairns Airport, and in 2007 deployed as part of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands. Mr EMMITT retired from the AFP on 29 June 2016. For his service, Mr EMMITT was awarded the

  • Police Overseas Service Medal
  • AFP Service Medal
  • G20 Group Citation
  • Royal Solomon Islands Police Force International Law Enforcement Cooperation Medal

6 February 2017 – Susanne JONES (nee GOTTSCHALK) – Detective Leading Senior Constable – AFP3390
Susanne was born on 13 March 1963 and passed away aged 53. She joined the AFP in January 1983 and was initially attached to a joint AFP/VICPOL task force, she then moved to work in Legal-Projects and Planning Section, Drug Operations and at Melbourne Airport gaining a wide range of experience that enabled her to achieve the designation of Detective in 1988. During her extensive career that continued at the Melbourne Office, her duties covered the full range of investigation operations including Criminal Assets Confiscation and Professional Standards. Her most recent posting was with the Joint Organised Crime Task Force. During her 34 years of service Detective Leading Senior Constable JONES was awarded the

  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal with clasp
  • AFP Service Medal with 30-year clasp
  • Australia Day Achievement Medallion.

More info:

7 February 2014 – Brian Richard SHARWOOD – Retired PSO2
Mr SHARWOOD was born on 19 November 1945 and died aged 68 years. Mr SHARWOOD commenced as a Protective Service Officer in 1987 and resigned in 2008 after 21 years of service. He is survived by his wife Janine, their children and grandchildren.

7 February 2020 – Brian BRADLEY – Retired Station Sergeant – AFP266
Brian aka The Flea in Eastern Region passed away aged 84. He was a larger than life character who transitioned from Compol to the AFP. Mentored many young constables and served his country and local community. For his service he was awarded

  • National Medal
  • National Medal – 1st Clasp

7 February 2022 – Jennifer Kay LLOYD – Retired Senior Constable AFP752
Ms LLOYD was born 29 January 1944 and passed away aged 78 years. Ms LLOYD joined the Commonwealth Police on 23 May 1977, and became a Foundation Member of the Australian Federal Police on 19 October 1979. During her AFP career, Ms LLOYD worked in ACT Operations, Aviation, Intelligence Development, Legal Projects and Planning Section, and the Coordination Branch. Ms LLOYD retired from the AFP on 20 June 1990. For her service, Ms LLOYD received the AFP Service Medal.

7 February 2022 – Nicole Marie VAN LENT – AFP 22269
Ms VAN LENT was born on 21 April 1988 and passed away aged 33 years. Ms VAN LENT commenced with the Australian Federal Police on 27 January 2015. During her AFP career, Ms VAN LENT worked as a Litigation Assistant for the Criminal Assets Litigation Team before transferring to the Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering Secretariat. During her time working with the Asia-Pacific Group, Ms VAN LENT undertook critical analysis of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws and was appointed as Deputy Director in 2021. For her service, Ms VAN LENT was awarded the AFP Service Medal, AFP 40yr Citation and Operation Protect and Operation Ironside Citations.

8 February 2016 – James (Jim) Hugh COCKBURN – AFP859
Mr COCKBURN was born on 23 June 1948 and passed away at Yass Hospital following a short illness aged 67 years. He was a former AFP member who commenced with the Commonwealth Police in 1977 before transitioning to the AFP in 1979. Mr COCKBURN transferred to the Australian Protective Service (APS) before retiring in 1984. Mr COCKBURN later returned to the AFP and worked in ACT Crime Stoppers before leaving in 2001.

8 February 2017 – Trevor Morris MOORE – AFP8875
Mr MOORE was born on 5 January 1953 and passed away at the age of 64. Mr MOORE joined the AFP on its foundation day, 19 October 1979, in a unsworn administrative capacity. Previously, he had been with the Federal Narcotics Bureau for 7 years. With the AFP he initially provided high-level administrative support to the AFP Intelligence area moving progressively into broader areas of information management. Mr MOORE left the AFP in March 1997.

8 February 2021 – Trevor Ernest JOHNSON – Retired Senior Sergeant AFP198
Trevor passed away aged 80 years. Mr Johnson joined the Queensland Police Service in 1968, then the Commonwealth Police in 1969 and became a member of the Australian Federal Police on Foundation Day in 1979. Prior to migrating to Australia from England, Mr Johnson served with the Northampton Borough Police Force (1963–1966) and the Northampton and County Constabulary (1966-1968). On his retirement in 1989, he was serving with the Bureau of Criminal Intelligence. For his dedicated service, Mr Johnson received the National Medal.

10 February 2019 – Vincent (Vinnie) Douglas MAWSON – Retired Senior Constable – AFP703
Mr MAWSON was born on 13 June 1943 and passed away aged 75 years. Mr MAWSON joined ACT Policing on the 26 April 1966 before transitioning to the AFP on 19 October 1979. He retired from the AFP on 21 June 1990. For his service he was awarded the National Medal.

12 February 2017 – Janelle May ARVISAIS – AFP16639
Mrs ARVISAIS was born on 29 July 1980 and passed away at the age of 36. Mrs ARVISAIS joined the Australian Federal Police on 15 January 2007 as a member of the Finance Processing Team and in 2008 joined the ICT department. At the time of her death she was with AFP Headquarters Data Analysis team. For her service, Mrs ARVISAIS qualified for the Australian Federal Police Service Medal.

12 February 2018 – Franklyn Earl RASMUSSEN – Retired Protective Service Senior Sergeant – AFP283
‘Frank’ RASMUSSEN passed away aged 93 years. He worked his entire career in Sydney NSW Region after he joined the Peace Officer Guard branch of Commonwealth Peace Officers in 1948 , before service in the Commonwealth Police from 1960 to 1979. Mr RASMUSSEN was appointed a Protective Service Senior Sergeant on Foundation Day until his retirement in 1985. For his military and policing service he was awarded the

  • 1939-1945 Star
  • Pacific Star
  • War Medal 1939-1945
  • Australian Service Medal 1939-1945
  • National Medal
  • Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal.

An interesting article on Frank can be found here.

12 February 2018 – Keith Lorne INNES – AFP8226
Mr INNES passed away aged 76 years. Mr INNES joined the Australian Federal Police as a consultant from 1981 to 1985 before joining the Attorney Generals Department Investigation into War Crimes. He transitioned to a permanent role with the AFP in August 1990. Mr INNES was part of the Intelligence team and served as a Senior Analyst working in Bangkok from 1995 until his retirement in November 1999. Mr INNESS was awarded an AFP Certificate of Commendation for Operation LAVENDER.

13 February 1986 – Paul Gerard QUINANE – Constable – AFP2894
Paul was born at Canberra, ACT on 9 October 1958 and died at the Oncology Ward, Woden Valley Hospital, Canberra, ACT aged 27 years. As a member of the AFP, he worked in Canberra until his untimely death. His funeral notice stated “No flowers by request. Donations to the A.C.T. Cancer Society”. The Obituary by his wife Janine reads in part, “He gave selflessly to all those he knew and will always be remembered”.

14 February 2001 – Julie Rose GILTRAP (nee BURNS) – Retired Senior Constable – AFP595
Julie BURNS was born on 19 April 1948 and died aged 53 years. Julie joined the ACT Police. On Friday 27 December 1974, following the devastation caused to Darwin by Cyclone Tracy in the early hours of Christmas Day, 25 December 1974, Julie was among the 50 Commonwealth and State Police who were flown to Sydney by the RAAF to assist in the aftermath of the cyclone. From Sydney together with other police she flew by Qantas to Darwin arriving at 6.15 am on Saturday 28 December 1974. Julie and the only other female ACT Police officer together with a number of COMPOL officers were immediately assigned to work at the airport and to assist in the evacuation by air of the majority of the civilian population. This was necessary as of the approximately 10,000 buildings in the town, only 408 remained intact. The city was without services including lighting, power, water, sanitation and debris from the suburbs cluttered the roads and pathways. On Sunday 29 December 1974, a Qantas 747 Jumbo jet was being loaded with evacuees and she was like all those involved, surprised when the crew kept asking for more passengers. This flight made history for Qantas when it evacuated 674 passengers (plus 23 crew) from Darwin to Sydney after Cyclone Tracy – setting a world record for carrying the most passengers on board a Boeing 747. The passengers on the Qantas rescue flight were forced to share seats to fit as many people as possible and Pilot Donn Howe, said “It was a case of get on and hold on” and “Every adult had a child on their lap”. The normal seating capacity for the aircraft was 539 passengers. In the end 25,628 people were evacuated by air, and 7,234 left by road. By 31 December 1974 only 10,638 people remained in Darwin. Julie worked in Darwin until early January 1975 and then returned to General Policing in Canberra. In August 1978, Julie married fellow police officer Lindsay GILTRAP. Julie transitioned to the AFP in 1979 working in General Duties.

14 February 2012 – Brett James KINLOCH – Federal Agent – AFP3850
Mr KINLOCH was born on 6 February 1964 and died of a heart attack, whilst serving in East Timor. He was aged 48. For his service he was awarded the National Medal.

15 February 2007 – Leslie James MCPHERSON – Senior Sergeant – AFP12475
Mr McPHERSON was born on 29 May 1951 and died aged 56. Les was also ex-sworn Vic Pol Inspector. For his service he was awarded the National Medal.

15 February 2012 – John STRASKYE OAM – Federal Agent – AFP4728
Mr STRASKYE was born on 21 February 1950 and died after a ‘stoic battle’ with Leukaemia aged 62. John began his service with the Australian Federal Police in 1988, having previously served for 20 years in the Regular Army. From 1990 – 1992 John was based in Sydney with the Major Crime Branch, Fraud and General Crime Division. In the AFP, our performance development scheme records comments about an individual’s performance. In John’s performance comments it was noted that he showed great drive and determination as an investigator. This is typical of the feedback John received throughout his time in the AFP.

In 1992 – John attained his Detectives designation, which is regarded very highly as a major achievement within policing. He also performed regular periods acting as Sergeant. Another performance comment highlighted “John’s leadership skills and above average ability to liaise with other agencies”.

Late 1992 – 1993 John worked in Cyprus in an AFP overseas capability and operational contingent, requiring active patrolling of the UN Buffer Zone, and liaison with the Cypriot community and other police officers working there from around the world.

1994 – John returned to Sydney to the Drug Operations Division involved in narcotics investigations of drugs sent through the international mail system and investigation of major organised crime syndicates importing large volumes of illicit drugs into Australia.

1995 – John joined the International Police Monitoring Force in Haiti. This involved investigations into large scale breaches of human rights alleged to have been committed in Haiti. He also served as the contingent medic. John returned in 1997 to Sydney and worked in the Intelligence section.

1999 – Airport Response Branch Sydney – again investigating crimes related to Aviation security, illegal importations, excess currency and the like.

November 1999 – February 2000: John went to East Timor on the 2nd Contingent Phase 3 – returning to Sydney in 2000. Back in Sydney, John worked in the newly formed Eastern Region Counter Terrorism Team until 2004 – when he retired 1 March from the AFP. Since Retirement – John was a member of the AFP Former Members Network.

In 2010 –John was awarded the prestigious Medal of the Order of Australia – for services to the community, particularly through his role in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps Association, but I also believe through the recognition of the work he performed in the AFP and in particular the ongoing work and dedication in his roles in the overseas AFP missions of Cyprus, Haiti and East Timor.

15 February 2016 – Samuel (Smurf) Murray Ford JOHNS – Retired Senior Constable – AFP2006
‘Smurf’ was born on 28 January 1950 and died at Goulburn, NSW aged 66 years. He joined the ACT Police and transitioned to the AFP on Foundation Day, 19 October 1979. ‘Smurf’ worked in General Policing Duties until his resignation from the AFP.

15 February 2017 – Michael John FORTEY – AFP11694
Mr FORTEY passed away after illness aged 79. Mr FORTEY joined the Commonwealth Police in 1977 and later transferred to the AFP after the amalgamation in 1979. Mr FORTEY retired in October 2003 later returning to the AFP on contract for a further two years.

16 February 2010 – Patrick (Pat) John Dominic FEGAN – Retired Protective Service Officer – AFP1845
Pat was born on 7 October 1940 and died at Canberra, ACT aged 69 years. He was a member of the Commonwealth Police Force, working in Canberra who transitioned to the AFP on Foundation Day, 19 October 1979. He served in the Protective Service Division under the badge number APS348.

16 February 2017 – Eric Boyd REABURN – AFP21955
Mr REABURN died from cancer aged 50. He earned his degree in computer science in 1989 going on to pursue a career and further qualifications in computing. He began his career with the AFP in November 2013 as a software engineer in the Applications Development team and had been engaged in a variety of ICT projects since that time.

17 February 2017 – Norma Lillian THOMAS – Retired First Constable – AFP2431
Ms THOMAS died aged 72. She joined the Commonwealth Police in April 1978 with an initial posting to General Duties at Perth Airport. In October of that year she moved into General Duties at the Perth office and transitioned to the AFP in 1979. While at the Perth office Ms THOMAS also worked in CIB and was promoted to First Constable in April 1982. She transferred to the Melbourne office in July of that year and undertook a variety of duties until her separation in June of 1990.

18 February 2004 – George DAVIDSON QPM – Retired Commander – AFP79
George was born on 7 January 1936 and died in Canberra aged 68 years. During his service in the AFP he was the OIC of the VIP Protection Squad for the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm FRASER, (11 November 1975 to 11 March 1983). A position DAVIDSON secured, in part because of his height 6ft 4ins (1.93 metres). Detective Inspector DAVIDSON was the AFP Security Liaison Officer for the Royal Visit by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and HR Prince Phillip to Australia between the 2nd and 13th March 1986. He subsequently was the OIC Administrative Law Branch (1989-1990) and the Commander Industrial Relations Division (1990-1991). For his service he was awarded the

  • Queen’s Police Medal for Gallantry (Imperial) on 12 June 1982
  • National Medal – 15 MAY 1986
  • National Medal – 1st Clasp – 15 MAY 1986

An interesting article which features George: Click here.

17 February 2019 – Mark PHELAN – AFP13079
Mr PHELAN was born on 14 May 1961 and passed away aged 57 years. Mr PHELAN commenced his AFP career on 30 March 1988 initially as a Protective Service Officer with the Australian Protective Service. He transitioned into the administrative stream in 1999 undertaking finance roles in both the Accounts and Client Services and the SAP and Finance processing teams. Mr PHELAN resigned from the AFP on 11 May 2016. For his service, Mr PHELAN was awarded the Australian Federal Police Service Medal.


19 February 2009 – Helen (Prawn) Anne DAVEY – Retired Detective Senior Constable – AFP1771
Helen was born on 3 May 1955 and died from breast cancer at Bilinga, QLD aged 53 years. Prior to joining the Commonwealth Police Force she was a typist and lived at Belmont, NSW. Prawn transitioned to the AFP on Foundation Day, 19 October 1979, working in Eastern Region and the Newcastle Office. She resigned from the AFP and moved to QLD to manage holiday apartments with her mother and brother. Prawn was slightly built and a no-nonsense woman, who had the broadest of smiles.

20 February 2020 – Darryl Colin HUPPATZ – Retired Leading Senior Constable – AFP1977
Mr HUPPATZ passed away aged 62 years. Mr HUPPATZ joined the Commonwealth Police on 7 November 1977 and transitioned to the Australian Federal Police on Foundation Day. During his AFP career, Mr HUPPATZ worked in Surveillance, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism in Adelaide. Mr HUPPATZ deployed to East Timor, Solomon Islands and Afghanistan. He retired from the AFP on 20 July 2012. For his service, Mr HUPPATZ was awarded

  • Police Overseas Service Medal
  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal with 25 year clasp
  • Commissioner’s Group Citation for Hazardous Overseas Service
  • AFP Service Medal with 30 year clasp
  • NATO medal and RSIPF ILEC medal

21 February 2014 – Peter Christopher O’BRIEN – Retired Detective Sergeant – AFP724
Peter was born on 13 January 1941 and died at Como Hospital, Mentone, VIC aged 73 years. Peter joined the Commonwealth Police Force working in Melbourne, and transitioned to the AFP on Foundation Day 19 October 1979. He retired from the AFP and for his service Peter was awarded the National Medal on 18 July 1980.

21 February 2021 – Peter Maclean BAKER – Leading Senior Constable AFP19465
Peter passed away aged 53 years. Leading Senior Constable Baker joined the Australian Federal Police in June 2008, initially on secondment from Queensland Police Service to the Aviation portfolio at Gold Coast Airport as well as a short period spent at Alice Springs Airport. Leading Senior Constable Baker returned to Queensland Police Service in 2011, before returning to the AFP in 2012 attached to the International Deployment Group (IDG). While with IDG, Leading Senior Constable Baker deployed to both RAMSI and Papua New Guinea. Leading Senior Constable Baker also spent time attached to both Norfolk Island and Christmas Island. At the time of his passing, Leading Senior Constable Baker was attached to International Command, Brisbane. For his service, Leading Senior Constable Baker was awarded:

  • Police Overseas Service Medal
  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • Australian Federal Police Service Medal
  • Queensland Police Service Medal
  • Queensland Flood and Cyclone Citation 2010-2011
  • Royal Solomon Islands Police Force International Law Enforcement Cooperation Medal

22 February 2004 – Derek (Charlie) Charles WORSFOLD – Protective Service Officer – AFP1548
Charlie was born at Surrey, England on 4 March 1939 and died at Canberra, ACT aged 64 years. He migrated to Australia and joined the Commonwealth Police Force, working in Canberra. Charlie transitioned to the AFP on Foundation Day, 19 October 1979, and later served in the Protective Service Division under badge number APS179.

22 February 2008 – Robert Frederick HUCKEL – Retired Station Sergeant – AFP346
Mr HUCKEL was born on 14 July 1938 and died aged 69 years. Bob retired as a Watchhouse Sergeant from City Station ACT, in the late 1980s. For his service he was awarded the National Medal.

22 February 2019 – William Vinsen Reid FRETWELL – Senior Protective Service Officer – AFP1443
Mr FRETWELL was born on 30 April 1938 in New Zealand and joined the Australian Army on 18 May 1956. He joined the Queensland Police on 23 September 1957 and then joined the Commonwealth Police as a special Constable in Melbourne on 26 October 1964. For his service he was awarded

  • National Medal
  • National Medal – 1st Clasp


22 February 2020 – Darryl Sydney HAMILTON – Retired Senior Constable – AFP1919
Mr Hamilton passed away aged 66 years. He joined the Commonwealth Police on 13 February 1978 and transitioned to the Australian Federal Police on Foundation Day. He retired from the AFP in March 2015. During his AFP career, Mr Hamilton worked in HTCO, Online Child Exploitation and Information Management Service, Brisbane. For his service, Mr Hamilton was awarded the

  • National Medal with clasps
  • National Police Service Medal
  • Commissioner’s Commendation for Conspicuous Conduct
  • AFP Service Medal with 35 year clasp
  • Queensland Flood and Cyclone Citations
  • Queensland G20 Citation

22 February 2020 – Oskar Joseph HUBER – AFP17064
Mr HUBER passed away on 22 February 2020 aged 69 years. Mr HUBER joined the Australian Federal Police on 16 April 2007. During his AFP career, Mr HUBER worked in TID in Canberra. For his service, Mr HUBER was awarded the

  • AFP Operations Medal (Op NEATH)
  • AFP Service Medal

23 February 2021 – Raymond “Ray” Eric NICHOLSON – Retired Sergeant AFP375
Mr Nicholson passed away aged 74 years. Mr Nicholson joined the Australian Capital Territory Police on 10/4/1967 (ACT Police Badge No.296) and became a member of the Australian Federal Police on Foundation Day in 1979. Mr Nicholson commenced his career working in General Duties before moving to Criminal Investigations Division, Planning and Research and Embassies. Mr Nicholson retired from the AFP on 15 January 1981 as Sergeant-in-Charge, Traffic Branch. For his service, Mr Nicholson was awarded the

  • National Medal
  • AFP Service Medal

27 February 2016 – Julian Garnet MANNING – Retired First Constable – AFP947
Mr MANNING passed away at Clare Holland House aged 75 years, following illness. Mr MANNING was a former AFP member who commenced with the ACT Police in 1974 before transitioning to the AFP in 1979. Mr Manning left the AFP in the 1990s. For his service he was awarded the National Medal.

28 February 2012 – Wayne “Robbo” Leslie ROBINSON – Retired Senior Constable – AFP749
Affectionately known as “Robbo” he was born on 11 September 1949 and died aged 62 years. Robbo joined the ACT Police and went to Cyprus (12th Contingent 1975 – 1976). He transitioned to the AFP in 1979 and worked in General Policing, Legal and ACT Communications, and was a true ‘old school copper’ who sadly lost his long battle with kidney disease. For his service he was awarded

  • National Medal
  • Police Overseas Service Medal – Clasp CYPRUS


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