AFP Former Members who have passed away since 1979. We say goodbye to those members who have served, and we say thank you for your service. R.I.P. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends, both blood and blue.

December Tributes

02-12-2010Died on this dayRonald Edwin LEWIS
02-12-2016Died on this dayJohn Bagnall BURROWS BM aged 91
03-12-2017Died on this dayOwen Keith HINSPETER aged 65
04-12-2016Died on this dayMark William JENSEN aged 65
06-12-2017Died on this dayEdward Norman BLAIR aged 87
07-12-2018Died on this dayAlan John Sing aged 73
08-12-1979Died on this dayAlbert Clothier
08-12-2015Died on this dayTerence O'NEILL
08-12-2016Died on this dayMichael Richard SHANNON Aged 74
09-12-1991Died on this dayVivienne Mary BROWN
09-12-2018Died on this daySamantha Jane BAGLIN aged 44
10-12-1979Died on this dayReginald John VANDENBERGH
11-12-2004Died on this dayPeter Edward PHILLIPS aged 58
13-12-2018Died on this dayAnthony (Chook) Graham FOWLER aged 77 years
14-12-2011Died on this dayFrancis (Frank) William WARD aged 69
14-12-2018Died on this dayWilliam (Bill) Henry BENNETT QPM aged 95
17-12-2015Died on this dayVictor Jan KARCHINSKY aged 75
18-12-1996Died on this dayJames Arthur MATHESON
18-12-2016Died on this dayPaul Milton JONES aged 74
19-12-2014Died on this dayRobert James (Bob) McGOOGAN aged 71
21-12-2001Died on this dayClifford Samuel FOSTER aged 53
22-12-2000Died on this dayBarry Lloyd SUGARS aged 59
22-12-2004Died on this dayAdam DUNNING aged 26
23-12-2003Died on this day"Ben" Lavanda Gordon BLAKENEY aged 66
24-12-2016Died on this dayPeter Lea (Bulldog) DRUMMOND aged 75
25-12-2017Died on this dayJitendra SAHANI aged 48
27-12-2018Died on this dayKristina Kuta FLYNN aged 64
28-12-2016Died on this dayDr Suzanne Marie STANLEY aged 66
29-12-2016Died on this dayBarry Gerald KITE aged 70
30-12-1993Died on this dayGerard Thomas SPURR aged 50
30-12-2015Died on this dayDavid Fredrick CLARKE aged 75
31-12-1979Died on this dayManfred Kurt ALBRECHT aged 36
31-12-1994Died on this dayBrian Smith BRINKLER aged 51
31-12-2011Died on this dayClinton Mark GUTHRIDGE

In Memoriam

2 December 2016 – John Bagnall Burrows – Retired Chief Inspector
Mr Burrows passed away aged 91 years. Mr Burrows joined the Commonwealth Police on 20 October 1969 after emigrating from England where he served with the London Metropolitan Police. His service with the Commonwealth Police included postings to Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. He transitioned to the Australian Federal Police in 1979 and obtained the rank of Chief Inspector before retiring in September 1985. Mr Burrows was awarded the Bravery Medal for his actions during an attempted hijacking of a Pan American Aircraft at Sydney Airport in 1980. Mr Burrows grappled with an offender armed with a knife allowing a hostage to escape. During the struggle Mr Burrows suffered knife wounds but was able to subdue the hijacker. In addition to his Bravery Medal, Mr Burrows was awarded the Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and the Commissioner’s Award of Merit.

4 December 2016 – Mark William JENSEN – Retired Senior Constable
Mr Jensen passed away aged 65 years. Mr Jensen joined the ACT Police on 3 June 1974 and worked in ACT Policing in a variety of roles including General Duties at City and Woden Stations as well as Communications and Legal. Mr Jensen transitioned to the AFP in October 1979 before retiring in 1985.

7 December 2018 – Alan John SING – Retired Commander
Mr Sing passed away aged 73 years. After an 11 year career with the New South Wales Police, Mr Sing joined the Commonwealth Police in 1976 and transitioned to the Australian Federal Police on Foundation day. Mr Sing worked in Legal & Training Branch before moving to Special Crimes Branch and Investigations. Mr Sing was promoted to Superintendent in 1985 and in 1989 transferred to International Division. From 1989 to 1993 Mr Sing served as the AFP’s Senior Liaison Officer in London . Mr Sing was promoted to Commander in 1995 and transferred to Brisbane in 1996 before retiring in November 1997. For his service Mr Sing is awarded:

  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal and 25yrClasp
  • AFP Service Medal

8 December 1979 – Albert Clothier – Retired Senior Constable
Albert joined Compol in 1961 and served his entire police career in the Central Division (S.A.-N.T.District) mainly at Salisbury, Woomera and Maralinga.

8 December 2015 – Terence O’NEILL
Passed away at his home in Perth. He served with the AFP until 1997 having commenced with the Commonwealth Police in 1971. He spent most of his career in WA in Uniform Protection, Close Personal Protection and Intelligence.

8 December 2016 – Michael Richard SHANNON – Retired Detective Sergeant
Mr Shannon passed away aged 74 years. Mr Shannon joined the Commonwealth Police on 24 April 1969 after service with the Royal Australian Navy. Mr Shannon worked in New South Wales District including Major Crime Squad, Cheque and Bank Squads and Sydney Airport. He transitioned to the AFP in October 1979 before resigning in 1985 at the rank of Detective Sergeant.

9 December 2018 – Samantha Jane BAGLIN – Leading Senior Constable
Passed away in Canberra aged 44 years. Leading Senior Constable Baglin joined the AFP on 6 March 2000. LSC Baglin’s career included work in Southern Region Airport and Operations response teams. She worked on Operation ALLIANCE, Operation CHEVERNY and for many years as a Pre Deployment Team instructor with the International Deployment Group and Learning & Development. LSC Baglin was deployed to RAMSI on three occasions between 2009 and 2017 as an Advisor and was working with Safe Place Response when she passed. For her service to the AFP, LSC Baglin was awarded:

  • Police Overseas Service Medal
  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • AFP Operations Medal
  • AFP Service Medal
  • Commissioner’s Group Citation for Conspicuous Conduct
  • RSIPF International Law Enforcement Cooperation Medal

11 December 2004 – Peter Edward PHILLIPS – Retired Commander
Peter died aged 58 years, late of Curtin ACT. He joined the Australian Capital Territory Police on 23 January 1978 (badge number 892) and graduated Dux of his class. He served in Community Policing and then transferred into the ACT Fraud Squad and in 1984 received his Detective Designation. In 1985 he requested a transfer to the newly formed National Criminal Investigation Branch (NCIB) and in 1989 was promoted to Det Superintendent, NCIB. In August 1991 he headed up the AFP/Australian Securities Commission multi-disciplinary task force investigation into Bond Corporation in Perth. In 1994 he was awarded the National Medal in recognition of his contribution to the Australian Community thru his management of complex investigations. In 1995 he was promoted to Commander and transferred to Melbourne office, responsible for all operational activity undertaken by the AFP in Victoria, Tasmania and SA. In 1998 he was transferred to what was the Internal Security and Audit Division in Canberra and in 2000 was appointed Director of MOSC. He lived the AFP values and was a true mentor and friend to many. His ability to build team spirit was amazing and so many people still comment that he was the best boss they ever worked for.

13 December 2018 – Anthony (Chook) Graham FOWLER – Retired Sergeant
Mr FOWLER passed away aged 77 years. Mr FOWLER joined the Commonwealth Police on the 23 February 1976 and transitioned to Australian Federal Police on Foundation Day. Mr FOWLER predominantly worked in the Northern Region Intelligence sections and deployed to Bougainville PNG and East Timor. Mr FOWLER retired from the Australian Federal Police in Brisbane on 13 June 2005. For his/her service Mr FOWLER was awarded:

  • Police Overseas Medal
  • National police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • AFP Service Medal

14 December 2018 – William (Bill) Henry BENNETT QPM – Retired Chief Superintendent
Mr Bennett passed away on aged 95 years. Mr Bennett joined the Commonwealth Police on 2 November 1964. Mr Bennett worked at Lucas Heights Nuclear Facility and the Australian Police College (NSW). Mr Bennett was the Australian Police Commander for the 14th Australian Civilian Police Contingent of United Nations Forces in Cyprus (UNFICYP) in 1977 and worked with Protection and Diplomatic & Securities Branch. Mr Bennett transitioned to the AFP in 1979 and retired on 23 July 1983. For his service to the Commonwealth and Australia, Mr Bennett was awarded:

  • Queens Police Medal
  • 1939 – 1945 Medal
  • Air Crew Europe Star
  • War Medal 1939
  • Africa General Service Medal – Kenya Police
  • National Police Service Medal
  • Police Overseas Medal – CYPRUS
  • National Medal
  • United Nations Medal – UNFICYP

17 December 2015 – Victor Jan KARCHINSKY
Vic was ex Compol and AFP Adelaide. He passed away in his sleep at home on aged 75 years. Loved partner and soulmate of Diane Worledge for 20 years. Loved Dad of Kris, Sasha, Shane, Terri and Tim. Lovingly remembered by his many grandchildren. Loved forever. R.I.P

18 December 1996 – James Arthur MATHESON
Former CIB at Woden in the late 1980’s. Buried at Tweed Heads Lawn Cemetery. Taken much too soon.

18 December 2016 – Paul Milton JONES – Retired Superintendent
Mr Jones passed away aged 74 years. Mr Jones was a Patrol Officer with the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary from 1963 to 1971, where he was a Commissioned Officer and later became a Magistrate. He joined the Australian Capital Territory Police on 20 May 1974 and transitioned to the Australian Federal Police in 1979. During his career with the AFP he worked in a number of locations including General Duties, Accident Squad, Investigations and as the AFP Liaison Officer (London). He retired from the Australian Federal Police as Superintendent, Operations Support Services, on 16 February 2000. In recognition of his service he was awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal, National Medal and 25 year clasp. Mr Jones also received the Commissioner’s award for excellence on his recruit course.

19 December 2014 – Robert James (Bob) MCGOOGAN – Retired Station Sergeant
Bob passed away aged 71 years. Served in ACT Policing and spent many years as watch house Sgt. He had been battling cancer the past 2 ½ years.

22 December 2000 – Barry Lloyd SUGARS
Barry passed away aged 59. Barry worked most (if not all) his career in the ACT and was Dux of his GD’s course in 1981.

22 December 2004 – Adam DUNNING – Protective Service Officer
Adam passed away aged 26. Adam commenced with the Australian Federal Police Protective Service in March 2003. In the early hours of 22 December 2004 PSO Dunning was fatally wounded by a gunman during a patrol around high-risk premises in Honiara, Solomon Islands. He was a serving member of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI).

23 December 2003 – “Ben” Lavanda Gordon BLAKENEY
Ben passed away aged 66. He starred in a film opposite David Gulpilil and was also part of the opening ceremony of the Sydney Opera House in 1973. Ben was the first Aboriginal to join ComPol in 1977. He was the only person ever permitted to join the AFP using an ‘alias’ – as “Ben” BLAKENEY.

24 December 2016 – Peter Lea (Bulldog) DRUMMOND – Retired Senior Sergeant
Mr DRUMMOND passed away aged 75 years. Mr Drummond joined the ACT Police on 1 September 1975, initially working in General Duties, City Branch before transferring to the Special Branch in 1978 where he remained until 1990 having achieved the rank of Senior Sergeant. He subsequently worked in the ACT Legal Adjudication Unit and then Internal Security and Audit Division. Mr DRUMMOND retired from the AFP on 15 November 1997. For his service Mr DRUMMOND was awarded the National Medal.

25 December 2017 – Jitendra SAHANI
Mr SAHANI passed away aged 48 years. Mr SAHANI joined the Australian Federal Police on 20 August 2007 and was still serving at the time of his death. Mr SAHANI worked his entire career in the Digital Forensics team in Sydney Office where he has held a variety of positions.

27 December 2018 – Kristina Kuta FLYNN
Kristina passed away aged 64 years. Mrs FLYNN joined the Australian Federal Police on 14 May 1990. Mrs FLYNN worked in Intelligence Operations, National Agency Liaison, National Assessment Centre TIC, and AOCC Response Operations Intelligence roles, all in ACT. Mrs FLYNN accepted a voluntary redundancy from the Australian Federal Police on 30 June 2014. For her service, Mrs FLYNN was awarded the Australian Federal Police Service Medal with 20years clasp.

28 December 2016 – Dr Suzanne Marie STANLEY
Dr Stanley passed away aged 66 years. Dr Stanley joined the Australian Federal Police on the 19 October 2000 as a member of the Learning and Development Forensic Faculty. She was promoted to Coordinator, Learning and Development Federal Law Enforcement Training on 22 July 2002. Dr Stanley retired from the AFP on 22 January 2010.

29 December 2016 – Barry Gerald KITE – Retired Senior Constable
Mr KITE passed away aged 70 years. Mr KITE joined the ACT Police on 20 July 1970 and transitioned across to the AFP in 1979. During his time with the ACT and Australian Federal Police, Mr. KITE worked at City Station, the Accident Squad, Criminal Investigations Branch – Gaming Squad and Woden Station. He retired on 20 February 1981.

30 December 1993 – Gerard “Garry” Thomas SPURR
Gerry as he was known; initially was a member of the NSW Police before joining the ACT Police in Canberra, where he lived in and worked in General Policing. He resigned from the AFP on an unknown date and set up a business as a Massage Therapist operating from his home address in Weston, and at the time of his death he was visiting Sydney. Mr Spurr was awarded the Commissioner’s commendation for courage and devotion to duty in 1973.

30 December 2015 – David Fredrick CLARKE – Retired Detective Sergeant
David passed away aged 75 years. Mr Clarke was a former AFP member who commenced with the Commonwealth Police on 8 January 1973 before transitioning to the AFP in 1979. Mr Clarke retired from the AFP in January 1999. In recognition of his service he was awarded:

  • Commendation Certificate
  • National Medal with 25 year service clasp
  • National Police Service Medal

31 December 1979 – Manfred Kurt Albrecht – Detective Senior Constable
Manfred passed away aged 36 years. He was attached to the Airport squad at Tullamarine. Sudden death occurred in Melbourne.


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