The average age of death of all known former AFP members
who have passed away since 1979. Years of age:


The following former AFP members have passed away, and we do not have any details of date of death or their age. If you have any information please contact us so we can update our records:

  • CALLAGHAN, Anthony Noel
  • CHRISTIE, Carl Victor
  • CURRY, Philip George
  • GOULD, Terrance Ronald
  • HODGES, Arthur George
  • LITTLE, John
  • MAUGHAN, Richard
  • SALTER, Peter

Our thanks to Ian Torrance (AFPFMA member) & Bob Stephenson for their research.

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We remember our fallen colleagues who have passed away. We remember the following AFP Veterans who have passed away since 1979. We say goodbye to those members who have served, and we say thank you for your service. R.I.P. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends, both blood and blue.

This Month’s Tributes

01-09-2018Died on this dayDouglas George SHEA aged 86
01-09-2019Died on this dayDouglas Henry (Doug) VEITCH aged 87
03-09-2021Died on this dayMary Ann EVERETT aged 73
04-09-2017Died on this dayJay Alan PATERSON aged 44
07-09-2017Died on this dayWilliam Paul JAMESON aged 73
08-09-2014Died on this dayFrederick Anthony Thomas HULSON aged 70
09-09-2017Died on this dayMaxwell James THOMPSON aged 81
10-09-2001Died on this dayRobert George GLOVER aged 53
10-09-2018Died on this dayRobert James CASKIE aged 53
11-09-2006Died on this dayGeoffrey Lloyd WILLIAMS aged 61
11-09-2021Died on this dayIan John 'Jacko' JACKSON aged 55
12-09-1986Died on this dayGeorge Stirling DICKSON aged 39
12-09-1988Died on this dayMaxwell Wilson PAHL aged 55
12-09-2009Died on this dayLionel John CLAYDON aged 70
12-09-2013Died on this dayTerrence Gerard McNAMARA aged 64
12-09-2018Died on this dayWarren Royce MARSON aged 75
12-09-2021Died on this dayPeter Raymond 'Sooty' DE BRITT aged 75
13-09-2009Died on this dayGregory Robert SLATER aged 47
13-09-2012Died on this dayTerrence Michael RYAN aged 73
13-09-2013Died on this dayStanley Thomas WOODS aged 78
13-09-2014Died on this dayEben James JEFFORD aged 44
13-09-2019Died on this dayDavid Richard BOSTON aged 55
14-09-2010Died on this dayJason Andrew MAHONEY aged 43
14-09-2018Died on this dayFrank "Nobby" Stanley CLARK aged 80
15-09-1987Died on this dayRichard (Toby) Harold Sopha WILLIAMS aged 52
15-09-2010Died on this dayMark Raymond JOHNSEN aged 44
16-09-2017Died on this dayAndre Joerg LENZ aged 54
17-09-1986Died on this dayKenneth James AYERS aged 48
20-09-2013Died on this dayBrian Maurice Anthony DYSON aged 83
20-09-2013Died on this dayPeter Leonard ROBERTS aged 61
20-09-2015Died on this dayJohn Jotham Sau FAUPULA aged 47
22-09-2017Died on this dayPercival Daniel (Val) McCONAGHY aged 89
24-09-2010Died on this dayBarry Edward ABBOTT aged 49
25-09-1994Died on this dayNicholas (Nic) John MASTERS aged 29
25-09-2018Died on this dayTherese Christine ‘Terri’ CUBITT aged 67
26-09-2018Died on this dayJames John TIERNEY aged 64
27-09-2000Died on this dayHenry Edwin SARGENT aged 62
27-09-2002Died on this dayRoy Patrick FARRELL aged 56
27-09-2015Died on this dayAnthony Thomas CHURCHILL aged 81
28-09-1989Died on this dayJeffrey Robert HAZELL aged 24
28-09-2008Died on this dayVicky SOAMES (nee CENTOFANTI) aged 59
28-09-2018Died on this dayGeyel Mitchell Mason 'Mitch' ANDERSON aged 63
29-09-2007Died on this dayGraham John KIRKLAND aged 48
30-09-2019Died on this dayLeighton (Lee) Howard JONES aged 73


As the sun surely sets,
Dawn will see it arise,
For service above self,
Demands its own prize.

You have fought the good fight,
Life’s race has been run,
And peace your reward,
For eternity begun.

And we that are left,
Shall never forget,
Rest in peace, friend and colleague,
For the sun has now set.

We will remember.
Hasten the dawn.



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