The average age of death of all known former AFP members
who have passed away since 1979. Years of age:


The following former members have passed away, and we do not have any details of date of death or their age. If you have any information please contact us so we can update our records:


  • George Davidson
  • Robert GLOVER
  • Terrance Ronald GOULD
  • Daniel HEGARTY
  • Anastatia LYONS
  • Douglas Fraser SIMPSON
  • Douglas WARD
  • Frank Ward
  • Gerard Thomas SPURR aged 50
  • John Gerhardt Van Der VLIET

We remember our fallen colleagues who have passed away. We remember the following AFP Veterans who have passed away since 1979. We say goodbye to those members who have served, and we say thank you for your service. R.I.P. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends, both blood and blue.

This Month’s Tributes

01-10-2014Died on this dayGary Francis O'NEILL  61
01-10-2017Died on this dayPaul Alexander McEWAN aged 60
02-10-2019Died on this dayJohn Edward SCANLAN aged 77
03-10-1984Died on this dayGregory David MOORE aged 21
03-10-2019Died on this dayGarry Wayne BAKER aged 69
04-10-2014Died on this dayDon HALMARICK aged 76
05-10-2007Died on this dayRoss Gantlett CRAFTER    63
05-10-2016Died on this dayChris Antony “Digger” DORMAN aged 51
09-10-2006Died on this dayMichael Peter BARNES aged 32
10-10-2016Died on this dayDean Andrew SCHULTZ aged 49
12-10-2002Died on this dayDarren TROY      32
12-10-2016Died on this dayLary William RINGERING aged 76
13-10-1986Died on this dayRobert Francis MACKAY aged 18
14-10-2018Died on this dayRaymond Andre ELLIS aged 77
17-10-2015Died on this dayWilliam Leslie ANTILL aged 75
18-10-2003Died on this dayMichael Edward KERRIGAN aged 86
18-10-2015Died on this dayRobert Bernard YOUNG aged 62
18-10-2016Died on this dayChristopher John BIRD aged 43
19-10-1979MilestoneFormation of the Australian Federal Police
19-10-2004Died on this dayWilliam SAWLEY     58
22-10-2018Died on this dayWilliam ‘Bill’ Noel O’KEEFE   63
24-10-2005Died on this dayMalcolm James MACKENZIE aged 43
24-10-2018Died on this dayMichael John MOORE aged 79
26-10-2017Died on this dayClive Leslie STACE aged 64
27-10-1983Died on this dayMichael Ian HARRISON aged 20
28-10-2015Died on this dayDavid John YOUNG aged 47
28-10-2018Died on this dayRichard Paul ROBERTS aged 57
29-10-2018Died on this dayRoy FARMER aged 86


  1. Max Gabriel AFP member 183

    It is sad to review the AFP Wall of Remembrance and see so many names of members that I worked with over my time with the AFP and former Commonwealth Police. May they all rest in Peace.
    I am now residing in the Philippines and several years ago I was informed that a close colleague, with whom I worked with In Brisbane in the 70’s, Lionel Claydon had passed away here in the Philippines. I do not see his name on the Wall. I do not have the exact date of death or any other details, however he was the subject of an email despatched through Headquarters to Queensland members.

    • AFPFMA

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention Max, Lionel is now listed on our Wall of Remembrance


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