The average age of death of all known former AFP members
who have passed away since 1979. Years of age:


The following former members have passed away, and we do not have any details of date of death or their age. If you have any information please contact us so we can update our records:

  • CHRISTIE, Carl Victor
  • GOULD, Terrance Ronald
  • GREENAWAY, John Forbes
  • HODGES, Arthur George
  • MAUGHAN, Richard
  • SALTER, Peter

Our thanks to Ian Torrance (AFPFMA member) & Bob Stephenson for their research.

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We remember our fallen colleagues who have passed away. We remember the following AFP Veterans who have passed away since 1979. We say goodbye to those members who have served, and we say thank you for your service. R.I.P. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends, both blood and blue.

This Month’s Tributes

01-07-2000Died on this dayDanny PUGH
01-07-2008Died on this dayKendelle Meredith CLARK aged 36
01-07-2013Died on this dayJohn (Jack) Alec DAVIS aged 82
02-07-2010Died on this dayClarence (Clarry) Henry KITE aged 86
02-07-2019Died on this dayDominic Francis COLEMAN aged 52
03-07-1998Died on this dayRichard Gordon ALLATSON
03-07-2011Died on this dayTerrance David WRIGHT aged 73
04-07-2017Died on this dayBrett Robert POOLE aged 53
05-07-2007Died on this dayJohn Gerhardt Van Der VLIET
05-07-2013Died on this dayNorman James DORRINGTON aged 62
06-07-2008Died on this dayDr Donald Abercrombie SMYTH aged 85
06-07-2018Died on this dayBrian Malcolm JOHNSON aged 81
07-07-2014Died on this dayMichael Walter COYLE
08-07-1997Died on this dayKenneth Ernest CURNOW aged 64
09-07-2009Died on this dayBrent Edward ALDRIDGE aged 57
10-07-2018Died on this dayAndrew Graeme BRYCE aged 53
15-07-2007Died on this dayColin Reginald FRY aged 47
15-07-2011Died on this dayRaymond Norman WHYTE aged 68
15-07-2018Died on this dayJoe Grace Martin aged 59
16-07-2007Died on this dayGavin PERKINS aged 45
17-07-2015Died on this dayJohn Stanley WARD
17-07-2017Died on this dayJohn Leonard COURT aged 80
18-07-2019Died on this dayIan Kent WEBBER
19-07-2011Died on this dayKevin Leonard SMITH aged 65
21-07-1993Died on this dayJan DeJAGER aged 48
22-07-2014Died on this dayBarrie John Brown AM aged 77
22-07-2017Died on this dayDonald Andrew MCLEOD aged 62
23-07-2010Died on this dayAnastatia LYONS
23-07-2018Died on this dayLinda Luisa RICCIARDI aged 50
24-07-1987Died on this dayFreddy Johannes BOUMAN aged 44
25-07-2013Died on this dayNeville "Taffy" WILLIAMS
27-07-2011Died on this dayRoss Alan O’CONNOR, OAM aged 60
28-07-2005Died on this dayPhillip Lester COTTER      56
28-07-2016Died on this dayKevin Robert WISE           75
28-07-2018Died on this dayPatrick Raymond HARRIS aged 57
29-07-2009Died on this daySusan PRICE        52
30-07-2015Died on this daySally Moira THISTLEWAITE      59


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