The average age of death of all known former AFP members
who have passed away since 1979. Years of age:


The following former AFP members have passed away, and we do not have any details of date of death or their age. If you have any information please contact us so we can update our records:

  • CALLAGHAN, Anthony Noel
  • CHRISTIE, Carl Victor
  • CURRY, Philip George
  • GOULD, Terrance Ronald
  • HODGES, Arthur George
  • LITTLE, John
  • MAUGHAN, Richard
  • SALTER, Peter

Our thanks to Ian Torrance (AFPFMA member) & Bob Stephenson for their research.

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We remember our fallen colleagues who have passed away. We remember the following AFP Veterans who have passed away since 1979. We say goodbye to those members who have served, and we say thank you for your service. R.I.P. Our sincerest condolences to family and friends, both blood and blue.

This Month’s Tributes

02-02-2019Died on this daySara Elizabeth PARGA aged 48
04-02-2019Died on this dayRyan Matthew DELANEY aged 49
04-02-2020Died on this dayRonald Augustine "Jethro" CAMERON aged 82
06-02-2017Died on this daySusanne Elise Jones (nee GOTTSCHALK) aged 53
07-02-2014Died on this dayBrian Richard Sharwood aged 68
07-02-2020Died on this dayBrian BRADLEY aged 84
08-02-2016Died on this dayJames (Jim) Hugh COCKBURN aged 67
08-02-2017Died on this dayTrevor Morris Moore aged 64
08-02-2021Died on this dayTrevor Ernest JOHNSON aged 80
10-02-2019Died on this dayVincent (Vinnie) Douglas MAWSON aged 75
12-02-2017Died on this dayJanelle May ARVISAIS aged 36
12-02-2018Died on this dayFranklyn Earl RASMUSSEN aged 93
12-02-2018Died on this dayKeith Lorne INNES aged 76
13-02-1986Died on this dayPaul Gerard QUINANE aged 27
14-02-2001Died on this dayJulie Rose GILTRAP (nee BURNS) aged 53
14-02-2012Died on this dayBrett James KINLOCH aged 48
15-02-2007Died on this dayLeslie James MCPHERSON aged 56
15-02-2012Died on this dayJohn Straskye OAM aged 62
15-02-2016Died on this daySamuel "Smurf" Murray Ford JOHNS aged 66
15-02-2017Died on this dayMichael John FORTEY aged 79
16-02-2010Died on this dayPatrick (Pat) John Dominic FEGAN aged 69
16-02-2017Died on this dayEric Boyd REABURN aged 50
17-02-2017Died on this dayNorma Lillian THOMAS aged 72
18-02-2004Died on this dayGeorge Davidson aged 68
18-02-2019Died on this dayMark PHELAN aged 57
19-02-2009Died on this dayHelen (Prawn) Anne Davey aged 53
20-02-2020Died on this dayDarryl Colin HUPPATZ aged 62
21-02-2014Died on this dayPeter Christopher O'BRIEN aged 73
21-02-2021Died on this dayPeter Maclean BAKER aged 53
22-02-2004Died on this dayDerek (Charlie) Charles WORSFOLD aged 64
22-02-2008Died on this dayRobert Frederick HUCKEL aged 69
22-02-2019Died on this dayWilliam Vinsen Reid FRETWELL aged 80
22-02-2020Died on this dayDarryl Sydney HAMILTON aged 66
22-02-2020Died on this dayOskar Joseph HUBER aged 69
27-02-2016Died on this dayJulian Garnet MANNING aged 75
28-02-2012Died on this dayWayne "Robbo" Leslie Robinson aged 62


As the sun surely sets,
Dawn will see it arise,
For service above self,
Demands its own prize.

You have fought the good fight,
Life’s race has been run,
And peace your reward,
For eternity begun.

And we that are left,
Shall never forget,
Rest in peace, friend and colleague,
For the sun has now set.

We will remember.
Hasten the dawn.



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