The AFP Former Members Association is proud to announce that we have secured our State Representatives who will join the AFPFMA Committee during our monthly meetings.

“We now have representation in each state of Australia, who will help us drive and expand the Association moving forward,” said President Mike Doroshenko. Congratulations to our members who are now the State Representatives of the AFPFMA.

The AFPFMA sees this role as fairly open and we don’t expect that the role will take up too much of their time. They are probably already doing many of the things we need. They will receive a personalised name badge and a unique email address, eg. which will redirect to their existing email address.

The AFPFMA would like their role to include:

  • channelling the views of AFPFMA members in their state to the Executive Committee for inclusion in policy/action by the EC
  • establish connections with individuals within their state and feed their views to the EC
  • facilitate events, reunions, coffee catch ups etc. (AFPFMA will help with promotions)
  • regular communication with members in their state via email/social media
  • manage/moderate the state based AFP Former Members Facebook page in their state (except S.A which already has a separate group), (please join the group if you haven’t already done so)
  • promote the ethos & services of the AFPFMA
  • encourage new members to join the AFPFMA in their state and be the first point of contact.

We thank those members who have volunteered for this important role and we wish them all the success to help grow the AFP Former Members Association.