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Welcome to the Book Club

An initiative of the Australian Federal Police Former Members Association Inc will help those members who read books to enjoy a book which is Police related in some way. The books are shared amongst financial members of the AFPFMA. It’s a great way to receive books while in lock down.


  1. choose a book below
  2. click the “Borrow Book” button
  3. pay for postage to your location, using the cart
  4. commit to sending the book to the next member when you have finished reading it (within 3 months)
  5. we send you the postage label, packaging and address of the next member to send to
  6. write a short review on our website

Terms of Agreement

  • you are a financial member of the AFPFMA
  • the book remains the property of the Australian Federal Police Former Members Association Inc.
  • maximum length of a book on loan is 3 months, with the option to renew it if no one else has reserved the book
  • you will notify us when you have finished reading the book
  • you will send the book to the next member who has reserved it (next in line)
  • you are able to wrap the book for postage (pre-paid satchels will be sent to you)
  • you are able to print a postage label (that we send to you) and attach it to the package
  • you are able to write a short review of the book, telling other members what it was like.

If you are not in agreement with the above rules, please do not participate in this program.

Choose A Book

If you are an author or someone who would like to donate a book to our Book Club, please contact us.

Hover mouse over book to navigate library.

DIY Down Under

Written by AFPFMA member Mick Shannon, this book was written to restore some of those commonly known skills of yesteryear for minor repairs around the family home. An overview and understanding of what makes a basic toolkit accompanied by an intimate look into common household problems that can cause stress and panic to those unaware of how simple some repairs can be.

Picture a Dry Riverbed

Dangerous Days: a personal story of unarmed Aussie Coppers in East Timor in 1999, written by Geoff Hazel. The location: The mountainous district of Ermera, East Timor. The Participants: Locals from the various Timorese factions; Indonesian Police and Military; International Electoral Observers; United Nations personnel, paid staff, international volunteers, locally employed staff, three Military Liaison Officers and twenty five Police Officers from 8 nations.

Under Siege

Under Siege shows us the remarkable job homicide investigators and hostage negotiators perform, and their endurance and courage in impossible circumstances. More than that, this brave memoir reveals how the daily trauma and stress affected Belinda Neil’s role as wife and mother and how she fought against the terrifying post–traumatic stress disorder that resulted to come back from a very dark place.

Life Sentence

In this powerful memoir, Simon Gillard reveals the details of the cases he worked on, how the police force operates, and how one man’s life can spiral so out of control. He is now working to create awareness about PTSD and has written this book to help other sufferers.

The Strong Man

A powerful story of life under fire and one man’s journey back from the brink. Grant Edwards was once an elite athlete, Olympics qualifier and Australia’s strongest man. His Guinness Book of Records feats of strength were acclaimed internationally, and as a high ranking police officer he spent decades protecting vulnerable people around the world. But nothing could shield him from catastrophic harm in the line of duty.

Cop This

What’s life like really in the job? Nobby Clark writes about his experience while working in the Australian Federal Police. The book describes some of Nobby’s hilarious episodes while in the job during the 70’s 80’s & 90’s. It is a tribute to Frank “Nobby” Stanley CLARK who passed away on 14 September 2018.

Ten Feet Tall and Not Quite Bulletproof

Cameron Hardiman is a current serving member of the Australian Federal Police and he has written a book about his time in the Victoria Police & the AFP. It is called Ten Feet Tall and Not Quite Bulletproof: Drug Busts and Helicopter Rescues One Cop’s Extraordinary True Story. It is also a book which will give the general public some insight into the life of a Policeman and how they have to deal with PTSD.

Scorched Earth

It’s not everyday a new book comes along which highlights the atrocities of a war which was so close to home. Tammy Pemper happens to be an AFPFMA member and an Australian writer. Tammy has released a book called Scorched Earth, and it’s well worth a read. She has worked with the United Nations, Australian Federal Police, and the US Peace Corps. This book was completed through five years of interviews and experiences in Timor-Leste.

Join the AFP Former Members Association

All membership applications are subject to review by the Committee. If you are joining our “closed” Facebook group, please only use the email address you use to log into Facebook. Relevant details will be verified. Or fill out the form below and we’ll also send you info on how to join the AFPFMA.The Committee shall have ultimate discretion over whether an application for membership is accepted. Download the form, fill it in and then send to us at or post it.

In the years to come, people will ask, “what is your membership number?” If you are having trouble finding a proposer or seconder for the application form, don’t stress. We will consider an application without a proposer or seconder, if you can:

  • attach your certificate of AFP service to the membership application, or
  • submit the form with a few names of old boys (or girls) you worked with and where, then pay your fees.

We just need to have someone vouch for you if you don’t have a proposer or seconder. Contact for more info.

Approval Process

Once payment and the application form is received, our Secretary will email you with a membership number. This will entitle you to make a purchase in our on-line store. We approve all memberships at our monthly Committee meeting, so depending on when you applied to join, it may take some time to receive your name badge, member card and lapel pin. Please be patient as we are all volunteers.



$30 Full Member ($20 + $10 joining fee)

$20 Associate Member ($10 + $10 joining fee)




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Deposit your fees by cash into our account at selected CBA ATMs, select “cardless deposit” on the ATM, or over the counter at any CBA branch, using our bank details (see below). Use your surname & AFP badge number as a reference.


Please make your payment by Direct Deposit transfer into our bank account. Use your surname & AFP badge number as a reference.

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