He’s big, bold, brash and very hairy. Boys & girls meet “Plod” the Platypus. He’s our very own mascot who will be out and about at AFPFMA events.

Of course he’s a platypus which is depicted on our logo. The origins of the platypus being used as an emblem by the Australian Federal Police is described as;

“The platypus has been adopted by the Australian Federal Police as a symbol representing the diverse requirements placed upon members in the execution of their duty. This unique and tenacious Australian animal is a survivor against increasing pressure from today’s environment. It leaves no stone unturned in its daily pursuits and has equipped itself with a range of features to adapt to changes over many years.

Although generally a peaceful animal, the platypus is able to defend itself, if necessary, with a venomous spur. It is capable of passing unnoticed if required, yet it demonstrates an unfailing dedication to explore all possibilities in an effort to maintain its special place in Australia’s environment.

This is done, at times, against larger and more powerful opponents – a quality admired and respected by members of the Australian Federal Police.

Platypus is Latin for “flat foot”. Flat foot is also an old English term for police officers, who were always on their feet. As well as a general symbol, the platypus has been used by some specific aspects of the AFP.”

The name Plod comes from Mr. Plod, P.C. Plod or Plodder: a British term that arose from the Noddy books by Enid Blyton, in which Mr. Plod was the village policeman. “Plod” has also commonly been used by the British police themselves.

So there you have it. Give him a wave and a cuddle when you see him out and about.

Many thanks to Claire Turner from K9 Assistance Australia who made it happen, and Phil Chapman who got him there.

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