No need to fear the computer as basic computer skills are very easy to learn, more so today when everything is designed to be user-friendly and visually accessible. Want to stay in touch with the grand-kids or mates?

So let’s head out and attend some classes that teach basic computer and internet skills.

The AFPFMA in conjunction with Australian Forensic Services is offering a series of free workshops to help former AFP members:

  •  stay in touch with family and friends via emailing and video chatting
  •  stay connected with your former AFP colleagues
  •  access government services (e.g.,,
  •  find useful information within the community
  •  keep their minds active by playing games and learning new skills
  •  build new relationships by enabling communication with people who share their interests
  •  PC is supplied (or you can bring your own laptop)

So if you are a former AFP member, let us help you. For more information on the next course contact us.