In a modern society, more and more we see the break down of common skills in home maintenance. People borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase property and don’t have the understanding that a home at times requires as much attention as a car. Preventative maintenance is the key to saving money and in some cases making money on property. Likewise tenants are stressed and disputing claims by their property managers over damage or maintenance issues on leased properties.

Written by AFPFMA member Mick Shannon, this book was written to restore some of those commonly known skills of yesteryear for minor repairs around the family home. An overview and understanding of what makes a basic toolkit accompanied by an intimate look into common household problems that can cause stress and panic to those unaware of how simple some repairs can be.

The topics covered in the book are derived first hand from the authors’ own experiences in home ownership both good and bad, delivered in a conversational setting with easy to understand terminology.

DIY Down Under gives readers a realistic understanding of what can be achieved on a budget without complicating projects in technical terms. The reader should be inspired to take on simple repairs without the expense of calling the experts for every little problem that occurs and have a better understanding of how their home is constructed.


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