It all started with a phone call, what we used to call a welfare check. “How are you Dave and what do you need.”

“If anyone has a caravan that i can borrow, that would be great.”

The AFP Former Members Association put the call out and our community responded big time. In no time at all, two Mates in Blue stepped up to the plate. Dave F (a former AFP member in Canberra) put up his generous hand to offer his caravan to Dave R from Cobargo NSW (an AFPFMA member), who’s house was gutted by fire. Dave R and his family lost everything in the terrible bush fire that swept through Cobargo on New Years eve.

Dave F’s caravan made it’s way from country Victoria, then Murrumbateman NSW then onto Canberra.

Trouble was that Dave F had just listed the caravan for sale and was stripped of the day-to-day essentials, like bedding, crockery etc. So we had to get the van stocked with supplies. Along comes Trevor C (an AFPFMA member) who co-ordinated the drop off and donations from all over Canberra. Soon the Cobargo Caravan of Care was being jam packed with goodies. Donations from former AFP members who live in Canberra filled the van and ute, which Dave F was driving himself to Cobargo. What a champion!

With help from John R & Mick T who helped pack the van under Jen C’s supervision, within 48 hours the crew were ready to hit the road. Trevor has written a story of their magical trip to Cobargo, which you can find in another post, click here.

Along comes the rain, which actually made it worse for our intrepid good Samaritans. An overloaded caravan on a wet slippery road full of ash is not the ideal of driving conditions. It was hairy to say the least, but they made it safely to Cobargo and delivered the van to Dave R. The generosity of the former AFP community was overwhelming as we banded together to help each other.

Our good Samaritans were able to see first hand the devastation that these bush fires have wreaked. Dave’s house was flattened. The picture where his rainwater tank and family car once stood says it all, along with the other assets lost in the blaze. A house can be rebuilt, but thankfully Dave and his family are ok.

The AFP Former Members Association would like to extend their sincere thanks to all former AFP members who have contributed towards the Cobargo Caravan of Care. It means a lot for us all to stick together and help each other in times of need. This is what the AFPFMA is all about and makes us very proud to be part of the AFP Former Members Network. You are all genuine Mates in Blue.

Please Donate

The AFPFMA would also like to thank everyone that has contributed to our bush fire fund raising appeal so far, to help ALL former AFP members who have been affected by these terrible fires around Australia. We have raised over $15,000 already ($4,200 by direct deposit + $10,800 from GoFundMe). If you wish to donate please click the link below. Please note: when going through the GoFundMe check out process, you can lower any “tip” to GoFundMe to zero. You don’t have to include a tip to them.

Let’s help our Police Veterans! Your support is very much appreciated, thank you.