Australian Federal Police Former Members Association Inc (ACT)
Annual General Meeting

Saturday 4 December 2021
2pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

AGENDA (Full Agenda attached)
Contact us to join the Zoom Meeting


  • Agenda
  • Attendance at ACT meeting by the Patron Major General Ron Grey, OA, DSO, (Rtd)
  • Meeting Format
    • Testing ZOOM
    • Regional Group Meetings
  • Executive Committee Elections
    • Nominations
    • Disclosure of material personal interest
    • Voting
  • Proxy Voting
  • ZOOM
  • Regional Gatherings


Date: Saturday 4 December 2021 at 2.00pm (AEDT)
Venue: via ZOOM (more details below for regional members)

ITEM 1: Welcome /Apologies
ITEM 2: Adopt Minutes of previous AGM
ITEM 3: One Minutes Silence – Past members
ITEM 4: President’s Report: David Savage
ITEM 5: Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Hawley
ITEM 6: Election of new committee members (see rules below)
ITEM 7: General Business
ITEM 8: Next AGM: Date to be advised by new Committee

Meeting closed

Attendance at ACT meeting by the Patron Major General Ron Grey, OA, DSO, (Rtd)
Mr Grey has shown an interest in attending the AGM in Canberra and a suitable location for the meeting is being sought. This is a great privilege for Mr Grey to be in attendance.

Meeting Format
As membership of the AFPFMA is spread globally the meeting will be conducted through ZOOM. Financial embers please contact us FOR THE ZOOM link to the ZOOM meeting.

We encourage all members who wish to attend to meet as a group in their respective areas and join as a group through ZOOM.

• Testing ZOOM
If you have difficulty signing into ZOOM, or want to test your connection beforehand please contact or phone 0430051514

• Regional Group Meetings
Some groups are meeting at central locations, the ACT is to meet at a location to be confirmed where the meeting will be Zoom’ed into. This may be a time to catch up with other members in your area providing you abide by your state/territory COVID 19 laws.

Executive Committee Elections
There are 7 Executive Committee positions.

During this AGM 4 vacancies need to be filled. These positions will be filled by Ballot.

  • Nominations
    If you wish to nominate for one of the 4 positions please complete the Nomination Form and return it to the Secretary by 27 November 2021. CLICK HERE.
  • Disclosure of material personal interest
    The Associations Incorporation Act 1991 under which the Associations operates has been amended and asks that if a member of a committee has a material personal interest in a matter (that is their involvement as a potential Committee member), they disclose the nature and extent of the interest at the meeting of the Association.
  • Voting

A returning Officer, Heather Jackson will conduct the voting and counting.

Voting will be conducted through 2 formats.

Electronic polling through ZOOM, and Regional gatherings.

Proxy Voting
If you cannot attend the meeting, you may give your proxy to a nominee by completing the attached form and returning the completed signed form to the secretary by 2pm on 3 December 2021. You can nominate anyone as your proxy to vote on any question at the AGM.

If you are on ZOOM as an individual, you will receive a request to vote. You simply nominate the 4 preferences and hit enter. The numbers are then displayed to the returning officer by the number of voters and percentage to each candidate.

Regional Gatherings
If you are at a gathering you will be provided with a hard copy of nominees on a voting form. This will be collected by a member at the gathering and numbers returned to the returning officer.

Once the numbers have been calculated the new executive committee will be announced and the meeting resumed.