Today the AFP Former Members Association launched their Book Club. The idea is for financial members of the AFPFMA to share books amongst themselves, read them, hang onto them for 3 months then pass them onto other members.

It’s just like a library, and we hope to have authors donate books to our library,”
said Mike Doroshenko (President of the AFPFMA).

It’s a handy resource to have for our members if you are stuck in lock down and would like to read a book of interest. The library will contain books of a Police nature, many of which have been written by former Police Veterans.The AFPFMA is also looking for authors out there who would like to donate their book to our library, and receive some exposure. Links to buy the book outright will also be included.

“It will also help others with mental health issues who may be suffering PTSD, as we have some books that are helpful in that space,” said Mike.


  1. choose one book from the library
  2. click the “Borrow Book” button
  3. pay for postage to your location, using the cart
  4. commit to sending the book to the next member when you have finished reading it (within 3 months)
  5. we send you the postage label, packaging and address of the next member to send to
  6. write a short review on our website

It’s easy to reserve a book and it is a free service to AFPFMA members. All you pay is for postage. We do ask that the borrower does a short review of the book, after they have finished it, so that other members can judge for themselves if it’s worth reading.

Check out the AFPFMA Book Club by clicking the button below.

Book Club