The Australian Federal Police Former Members Association Inc. has established a Welfare Fund for it’s members. The Policy is as follows:


Name of the fund
The Fund shall be called the AFPFMA Welfare Fund (the Welfare Fund).

The AFPFMA Welfare fund is for FMA members.  It aims to provide relief and assistance to AFP Veterans, sworn and unsworn, and their families who are ‘in need’, or experiencing hardship or distress.

This may include short term relief through cash (such as in the case of the bushfire victims) vouchers for house cleaning/gardening/ transportation, food shopping etc or short-term respite.

Subscription to the Fund can be made in several ways, through donations, fund raising activities, sponsorship.

25% of new membership fees, per annum, will be transferred to the Fund, or an amount as deemed appropriate by the AFPFMA executive committee.

Minutes of meetings and full accounts will be provided and maintained by the Secretary/Treasurer. All accounts, in relation to the Fund shall, at the end of every financial year, be audited and presented the members at the AFPFMA Annual General Meeting (AGM).

No member of the AFPMA executive committee (executive committee) shall receive any remuneration at the cost of the Fund, other than reimbursement of necessary out of pocket expenses in attending to the business of the Fund and will be fully declared to the AGM.

Distribution of Funds
The distribution of funds shall be at the discretion of the executive committee.

Application for Funds
Persons may request Funds for themselves, or on behalf of others, by contacting the executive committee by either:

Phone or Email:

On receipt of a request the executive committee will decide by majority of the release of the Funds, its form i.e. voucher, cash etc., and to whom.

Notes will be made of the release of the funds in the Minutes of the next executive committee meeting.

The names, or information, relating to the provision of the Funds are not to be released without the express permission of the those that receive the Funds.

Rules and policies
Rules and policies relating to the Fund may be made, and amended, at the discretion of the executive committee.


Make a Donation


Please make your payment by Direct Deposit transfer into our bank account.
Use “Welfare & your name” as a reference.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account Name: Australian Federal Police Former Members Association Incorporated
BSB: 062908
Account No: 10846241

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