On 3 December 2019, the ABC 7.30 Report aired a story about one of our members, Mr David Savage AM, raising concerns over the Defence investigation surrounding the suicide bombing that seriously injured him while serving in Afghanistan in 2012. The story and subsequent reporting have revealed worrying ‘gaps’ sufficient to justify an independent review into the Department of Defence investigation. We call on the Government to conduct such a review.

Mr Savage is a Foundation member of the Australian Federal Police Former Members Association Inc. (AFPFMA), and he has our total support. Mr Savage is a well-known advocate for veterans, both Police and military, and has appeared as the face for Soldier On and other veteran support groups.  He is highly regarded in police circles as a professional experienced operator, known for his sense of honour and selfless character. Sadly, the suicide bombing in Afghanistan has left Mr Savage reliant on a wheel-chair for mobility, and seeking clarity on the events that caused his injuries.

As former members of the Australian Federal Police, the AFPFMA membership is familiar with conducting sensitive investigations and formal reviews into incidents like that involving Mr Savage.  The Defence investigation and subsequent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the attack on Mr Savage are worrying to say the least. The reporting and video footage that aired raises serious concerns on the conduct of the Defence investigation and the conclusions/findings flowing from it.  We are firmly of the view that these concerns are so fundamental that an independent review of the investigation and findings is needed.

We call on the Government to act, and we would hope that you will support the mounting calls, for an independent review into the investigation of the incident.

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