The AFPFMA Bush fire fundraising appeal raised a total of $19,116.72!  A fantastic effort that demonstrates the generosity of former AFP members and the broader Blue Family.  To ensure all those eligible for assistance are supported, we now seek your help in ensuring we know who they are.

The GoFundMe page noted we would wait for the end of summer or the 2020 bush fire season finishes (whichever comes last) to distribute the funds.  In 2020, this was the end of the bush fire season (more officially known as the Bushfire Danger Period) being 31 March 2020.

We are currently aware of three former members, two from the Cobargo NSW area and one from Colinton NSW, who lost their homes.  We have provided $3000 each to these families thus far, noting that financial support was needed sooner rather than later, while still balancing the prospect of further cases coming to light as time passed.

We now seek your help in identifying any further former members who lost their homes or suffered property damage as a direct result of the bush fires. We appreciate the ‘there are others worse off than me…’ thinking but this ‘false pride’ should be put aside in such circumstances.  Donations were made, in the main, wanting to help all those former AFP members who were affected by the bush fires.

If you know of any other former AFP members who lost their homes or suffered property damage in the bush fires please let us know urgently, either by email, or replying below before 6 April 2020.

Once the final distribution of the donations is made we will provide a final update.