Today (11 April 2019), Mike Doroshenko, President of the Australian Federal Police Former Members Association inc. (AFPFMA) and Greg Ranse Vice-President launched the AFPFMA as an official association.

AFPFMA President Mike Doroshenko said that the official launch of the association is important, as that aims to bring together former members of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and provide them with a sense of community, camaraderie and support.

“Just like with former Defence Force members, police officers and professional staff that transition out of the AFP and become former members are sometimes at a loss of what to do after their long association with the AFP has ended.  Being an AFP member is a career and a way of life, so once you leave that environment it can be a difficult adjustment for some.

“Prior to forming the AFPFMA there was no formal or official association that looked after former members and I see the AFPFMA as now being that association which will bring former members together and help to provide a stable presence and platform outside of the AFP environment,” said Mr Doroshenko.

The aims and objectives of the AFPFMA include:

  • foster a sense of community and camaraderie amongst members;
  • promote a spirit of goodwill as well as esprit de corps;
  • help reduce the feeling of isolation members often experience following separation from the AFP;
  • work co-operatively with the AFP and Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) to participate in programs, information sessions and activities to assist people transition out of the AFP;
  • provide support and camaraderie to each other, particularly in times of ill health;
  • maintain a Wall of Remembrance acknowledging members who have passed on;
  • provide information to members who wish to connect with other former members;
  • act as a conduit for members to access assistance on mental health issues, such as PTSD;
  • create events such as reunions and activities for members.

“The AFPFMA Committee have some terrific initiatives coming up, to assist people transitioning out of the AFP, and programs such as computer workshops for older former members. We will also soon be launching the Mates in Blue program to assist those former Police veterans and AFP staff who need assistance. More of that can be found on our website, which also launches today,” said Mr Doroshenko.

“As we officially launch the AFPFMA today, I would encourage all former sworn and unsworn members who served in the AFP, regardless of your role or position within the organisation to join us. We are a national organisation for all former AFP members.

“I also encourage current AFP members, who are friends with former members to tell them about the AFPFMA and urge them to join.

“In the 40th anniversary year of the AFP, we are celebrating our past and strengthening our future,” said Mr Ranse.

Further information about becoming an AFPFMA member click here.

Download the Press Release click here.