AFP Former Members Association (Inc.)

Rules | 17 November 2018
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The Australian Federal Police Former Members Association

Incorporated in the ACT


These Rules act in concert with the Model Rules, as outlined at Rule 3




The name of the Association shall be the Australian Federal Police Former Members Association (AFPFMA).






Aims and Objectives

(a) foster a sense of community and camaraderie amongst members;
(b) promote a spirit of goodwill as well as esprit de corps;
(c) use legitimate means to protect and advance the interests of members;
(d) assist members as determined by the AFPFMA Executive Committee;
(e) help reduce the feeling of isolation members often experience following separation from the Australian Federal Police (AFP);
(f) work co-operatively with the AFP and AFPA to participate in programs, information sessions and activities to assist people transition out of the AFP;
(g) provide a valuable resource to enhance the AFP, in particular the AFP Museum;
(h) Provide support and comradeship to each other, particularly in times of ill health;
(i) show respect where possible by attending the funeral of any former AFP member;
(j) assist widows, widowers and families where possible;
(k) maintain a Wall of Remembrance acknowledging members who have passed on;
(l) provide information to members;
(m) administer the funds and assets of the Association to the benefit of the members and to facilitate the effective administration of the Association;
(n) work collaboratively with other like-minded groups;
(o) act as a link/pathway for members to access assistance on mental health issues, such as PTSD;
(p) lobby legislators for better outcomes for members;
(q) seek funding through grants for the betterment of members;
(r) create events such as reunions and activities for members.





Adoption of Model Rules

The model rules set out in the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 (ACT), as Amended, shall apply to the Association except in so far as rules are excluded, modified, or amended by the rules hereunder set out.


Part 1.2


(1) All membership applications are subject to review by the Committee. The Committee shall have ultimate discretion over whether an application for membership is accepted.

(2) Membership of the Association shall be offered in the following categories;

(a) Full Member
Full membership of the AFPFMA is available to those who:
(i) Were an employee of the Australian Federal Police either as a sworn or unsworn member but excluding contractors; and

(ii) Retired or resigned from the Australian Federal Police, including those retired for medical/invalidity reasons; and

(iii) At the time of their leaving the Australian Federal Police left under ‘clear and honourable’ circumstances after honourable and ethical service in the AFP.

(b) Associate Member
Associate membership of the AFPFMA is available to those who;
(i) Are the spouse or partner of a Full Member; or

(ii) Are the widow, widower or partner of a deceased former Full Member; or

(iii) Are the widow, widower or partner of a deceased member of another Police Service or Force other than the AFP; or

(iv) Former members of another Police Service or Force.


Membership Conditions

(1) Associate Members may attend meetings and enjoy all amenities but have no voting rights at any meeting of the Association, except a Branch Social or Welfare Committee meeting.

(2) Associate Members are not eligible for election to the Committee.




Two members of the Association shall be appointed to audit the books and accounts of the Association and shall certify, or otherwise, the Annual Balance Sheet.




The Association may, if deemed advisable, cooperate with any other Association or Organization. In the furtherance of any objective of the Association, affiliation may be arranged with another Association or Organization, but the AFPFMA Inc. shall retain its own full independence.


Part 1.3 Committee
The office bearers of the Committee are:




The President shall preserve order and give impartial rulings on all questions submitted to them at a meeting of the Association. If dissent is moved on any ruling given by them, they shall leave the chair until the matter is decided, after having given their reasons for so ruling.




The Vice-President assists the President and acts as President in their absence.




Association cheques shall be prepared by the Treasurer, and signed by any two office bearers, committee members, or members, as authorised by the rules of the Association. The Treasurer shall submit to the Annual General Meeting a duly audited Balance Sheet of all monies received and disbursed for the current financial year.




The Secretary shall receive and conduct all correspondence for the Association, as may be necessary, and generally assist in the management of the affairs of the Association. They will prepare and submit for the information of the members an Annual Report in connection with the affairs of the Association within 21 days after the close of each financial year, and he will be responsible for bringing notice of the Annual General Meeting to the attention of each member by way of a ‘Notice of Annual Meeting’ 14 days before such meeting is held.



No personal benefit

No Member of the Committee may receive any form of financial benefit, Honorarium or reimbursement; for example for travel and/or accommodation.



Limit on President

The President may only serve two consecutive terms.



Composition of Committee

The Committee must predominantly consist of former sworn members of the Australian Federal Police.



Continuity of Ordinary Committee membership

(1) After the election of the first Committee, only half of the ordinary committee member positions will be open for re-election at the AGM.

(2) The ‘continuing’ ordinary committee members will be taken, if they seek re-election at the AGM, to be re-elected.

(3) The ordinary committee member positions open for re-election will alternate; 50 percent in odd years, the other 50 percent in even years.




The Office of the Association shall be the home of the Secretary.


Part 1.4 General Meetings.


In respect to the quorum for the holding of a general meeting, if only five members are present, they shall not be expected to make a decision on any contentious matter.


Part 1.5 Miscellaneous


The Association shall not be dissolved, on the suggestion of a member, whilst there are twenty financial members remaining on the membership register of the Association.



Interpretation of Rules

The Association shall have the authority to interpret any rule for a member, and shall determine any matters relating to the Association on which the rules are silent.




(1) Regional Branches and Sub-Branches of the Association may be formed if approved by the Association. Such branches must have a membership of not less than five members. Branches will conduct their own local business.

(2) All matters of policy or management of the Australian Federal Police Former Members Association Incorporated must be dealt with, by and through the Committee. Such matters must not be circulated between branches beforehand.




All advocacy including negotiations or lobbying with the Government, Government Authorities, or other representative body, as well as approaches to the press, radio, television, social media and official Associations or organizations, relating to matters of general interest, shall be conducted through the Committee. This approach provides coordination during official negotiations being conducted by the Association.