Drug Busts and Helicopter Rescues One Cop’s Extraordinary True Story. Cameron Hardiman is a current serving member of the Australian Federal Police and he has written a book about his time in the Victoria Police & the AFP. It is called Ten Feet Tall and Not Quite Bulletproof: Drug Busts and Helicopter Rescues One Cop’s Extraordinary True Story. It is also a book which will give the general public some insight into the life of a Policeman and how they have to deal with PTSD.

As a member of Victoria Police’s Air Wing, Cameron Hardiman felt like he was ten feet tall and bulletproof. The air wing brought him plenty of excitement and drama – from searching for missing aircraft to accidentally discovering marijuana crops to working with paramedics. But it also brought him plenty of trauma …

Cameron Hardiman lived a life most young boys could only dream of. Every morning he put on a navy blue police flight suit, grabbed his flight helmet, and prepared to work on the police helicopter. He could be called to anything during a shift, to search for a missing child, to pull an injured driver from a wrecked car, or a dangerous sea rescue.

He saw his fair share of trauma and dealt with it like most coppers would: he quickly put each dangerous job out of his mind as soon as it was over. But one particular rescue in Bass Strait brought about a reckoning – and Cameron was never the same again.

This is the brilliantly told, white-knuckle story of one cop learning every lesson the hard way – and coming to find out that being not quite bulletproof doesn’t mean that you’re not a good cop.

Listen to Cameron talk with Neil Mitchell from 3AW – click here.